For the Amusement of Probably Timeless Love

For the Amusement of Probably Timeless Love

As the wind churns out

Its part of the song,

Her deadpan face glooms in the street light

For a thoughtless gimmick to perform.


There might be some chances

Of our eye-contacts,

But her mummified gigs

Are veraciously lost in the sentence.


I am losing it all

In the battle of hearts;

My continuous rage has come out in poetry

To breathe life to instil love in intervals!


She, Not Dreamy But Has Dreams

She, Not Dreamy But Has Dreams!


Waves are coming in the bulk

For the new breeze to sink,

It’s hard to get my eyes off of her

When she laughs like a queen.



She blinks in the geared vortex

To let her semantics right,

It’s weaselling for me to decipher

With her open-closed opinion about her desire.



I guess it will transform to a new shape

Conforming to her eventual dream.

And yeah, I will be smiling in adoration

And showing my affection through a theatrical greet!

She Owes Me The City Walk

She Owes Me The City Walk

There is an unusual bond
She establishes with the city
When she tiptoes around with her camera;
It captures unexpressed faces and its untold reality.
There is a sense of belonging
She internalizes with the environ
When she let herself immerse
Into the satiated food flavour
There the sweat and the rainy season
Makes the entire walk crummy
During the random talks in an inexplicable language
She unknowingly delves into the life’s poetry
She is not a reporter or a writer or an adventurer,
Or the girl hoping for escapism from depression,
She mirages newness and eludes into the norm of the culture,
Customs and the dances of wonder
She is a traveller working as heart bearer.

Now You Say, I Listen!

Now You Say, I Listen!

So I understand
I made the connection between us strange.
Now you are out in a limb
Playing the humming ‘nay’.
But you ought to see
The world has not change,
The mince of our life,
The form of goals, destiny and the sky – unchanged.
Can’t you see
It already hates us out in the rain,
Fires me for my sin.
Can we stop running away for one second,
Let’s pretend we know each other for a long time.
Maybe you can turn your head once again.
You know you never had to be polite,
Just one small, simple step you can take!