Bring the Good Old Days

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

Day 17

Bring the Good Old Days

Oh I am sorry!

Did I just open the wrong window?

You see the climate outside is soothing

One should be happy

Coz I didn’t follow tech-shadow;


The keyboard is covered on dust

And the freaking mouse did poop on it

It was long time ago

I maintained a folder with lots of paper

I had written all the chords on it


The memoirs could be shinier

If this photo album would become alive

The experience what I missed till now

Who will return those illustrious days

Oh the connectivity is high but the relationship died!

National Poetry Writing Month

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Avatar in You


Day 16

Avatar in You

Taking a first step

To the door stairway

Brings the moon closer

That displays a new runway


I can hear

The vibration from the door far away

Possibly from the merciless land

A tyrant would have come this way


“The sin what you have done

Price, you all have to pay

I will pick every single foxy people here,

Chop their head and serve it to the golden tray”


I could follow the sound from the door

And had a chance to climb and get away

But I decided to rather stay

A flicker spark inside me pulled me back

And grant the divine power to bring new Avatar

“I, in the name of lord, command you to surrender right away!”

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Man among the Wolves

A Man among the Wolves

There has been problem with the connection which delayed this post. But ‘Better Late Than Never’

Day 15

A Man among the Wolves

Now anything even with supersonic speed

Won’t ever beat me,

Those blue eyes were right behind the tree

Winking at me,

“Do I have a second for that?”

I asked myself subconsciously;


The routine life for the piece of bread

Never elevated my fancies;

Instead I pioneered

The new rooster to wake me;

I happened to be called looser,

Who is running to discover inexplicable breeze;


For which path I must continue

The blue eyes seemed to direct me;

The wolves were all around

 Trapping the net beneath;

I wondered why I pulled a gun

Killed the blue eye raccoon to send the message,

That I Am Coming!

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human1

Day 14

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

With a white clean hanky and a leather bag

She was standing on this empty road,

I was on the another side

Waiting for the rain to stop;


She called me for help

But I pretend I couldn’t hear her,

She was crying out loud

And kneeling down to bring the attention;


I looked down the aisle behind me

Just to find out the entire street was empty,

I picked up my leather jacket

And raced away from her to conceal my identity;


The perception of human enriched

To the point where we combine universe;

In this galaxy, far away, we claim to reach

But did we touch the soul within us?

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Day without a Poem

A Day without a Poem

Day 13

A Day without a Poem

Today I am not going

To write a poem

No words

No metaphors

No lines

No memories

No stories

No emotional insights

No philosophy

No inspirational terminology

No dummy piece of kites


I know

You expect me to describe

The joy

The moment

The chapter

The pain

The mundane events

The different kinds of character


But this is out of my hand

Right now

Coz I am tired

I am rough

I am grumpy

I am depressed

I am in no mood to work

I am sleepy


So let me sleep

For the deep long night

I will come back tomorrow

With a new day for a fresh ride

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Monk in Me

A Monk in Me

Day 12

A Monk in Me

I am the bar of

True sensation of color

Who holds

A precious piece of paper

And a goblet of fire;


Remembering the scars

Captured inside my memory,

I, once was a monk, should confide

The vengeful mission to raise my agony

And end of this ridiculous journey;


I have had a long ride

To pulverize this unrelenting song,

I chew my tongue

To remain silent and strong

Oh…. I killed the monk!

National Poetry Writing Month

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The Rain Song

The Rain Song1

Day 11

The Rain Song

Oh droplets, oh droplets!

After all, you found a way

To swing for the Greenland

Through the clouds

From the sky

You let yourself out

To cure the ailment of this Maryland


A musical chant

Needs to be sung

With everyone including you

For the breezy flower of Magnolia

A tangy fragrance is to be spread

And if forgot the song of this first rain

We all will sing it for you!

National Poetry Writing Month

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An Orange Flick in Me

An Orange Flick

Day 10

An Orange Flick in Me

Some say I am jovial by nature;

Back to my cage,

I hang myself to the roof,

Hold my color brush

And try to draw a 3-D flying miniature;


My sister says she couldn’t see me for a while;

Back to the center of Earth,

I push myself on the edge,

Twist the core for the reverse spin

And try to go back into the time;


I say I am an orange;

Coz at the middle of my heart,

There are all kinds of mixed emotional fluctuations,

Juicy and pulpy, swingy and frisky

But need to be calm and happy outside, strange?

National Poetry Writing Month

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Johnny’s Choice

Johnny's Choice

Day 09

Johnny’s Choice

It seems so confusing

What’s right, what’s wrong?

People have a tendency to follow

See the crowd, quickly get along;


What if I don’t want to join them,

Instead I prefer to stand right here

“Oh, don’t make a fool of yourself Johnny,

No doubt, they will give you awkward stare;


The droplets of desire

What you wish to spray,

They will tarnish it

And put you in this ‘fantabulous’ race!


You still want to move against this stream

By spreading out the dreamy feather,

Supersede the fallacy with your innocence

And tip your toe for big amazement in the devious weather?”

National Poetry Writing Month

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Call Me Your Dream

Call Me Your Dream

Day 08

Call Me Your Dream

Some written piece of paper

If you found,

Then call me to read it for you

You blink and I’ll be around;


A mug with half filled coffee

If you wouldn’t be able to finish,

Then write me letter

At the last word you’d be taking your final sip;


Out of ignorance

If you forgot to talk with me,

Then whenever you go to sleep

Until the last breath I’ll knock the door behind your eyelid,

I never let you go

For once again you’ll remember me!

National Poetry Writing Month

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