Not So Ideal, Relentlessly Archetypal

Not So Ideal, Relentlessly Archetypal

Here’s the tangerine tree,
She likes to see,
When she abstains herself
From the dragging mud of being independent;
Being someone’s favourite,
Someone’s lame bet,
It seems part of a big blasphemy,
Clanking to create a mysterious alchemy:
And the town plays to its sphere,
Giving the blue-dauntless atmosphere;
She pretends to belie in a gullible layer
But intelligently, saves her from being a role model.

This is the 97th poem under the poetry journal “Isn’t She A Cape Crusader!” which aims to add 100 poems under 100 days. I missed nineteen days.

Read it and let me know in the comment how it was. You can read another seven (recent) poems on this blog page.

Do follow this blog for the daily update and share it with everyone who cares for #poetry.



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