I Promise I’d Never Say #MeToo

Dear Men,

You can touch me whenever you want,

Grope me,

Press me,

And it’d be very sweet of you,

If you forcibly kiss me.

I can identify

When you look at me from bottom to top,

Picture me naked,

But don’t you feel shy to talk about it

And if you want to go one step ahead,

You can masturbate in front of me.

Sometimes I feel offended

And be bitchy about my ‘rights’ and ‘gender equality’

Because of these stupid #MeToo and #womenempowerment movement

Do not take it seriously

I am just playing-hard-to-get game

What else would I want

Than brutally manhandled by you

Ultimately, raped by you

Because you are my prince charming

I am your toy

You are my king

I am your sensational sleeping pills of joy

What purpose am I serving here

If I disobey your desired sexual command?

What a life would I be living

If I refuse to jerk your phallus off

It’s hard to imagine my all achievements and progress

Without you and your tiny little thing

So, Dear Men

I request you from the bottom of my heart

Kindly never ever stop ‘loving’ me.


This poem is a take on the current revelation, thanks to #MeToo Movement, of sexual harassment and objectifying of women in various industries. Feel free to share anywhere.

This is the 96th poem under the poetry journal “Isn’t She A Cape Crusader!” which aims to add 100 poems under 100 days. I missed nineteen days.

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The Man Who Loved Smoking: A Slam Poetry Performance

Like I promised, I have recited my first Slam Poetry written under #NaPoWriMo 2018 Challenge.

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The Odour of Love

22Apr - The Odour of Love

The Odour of Love


Can we play the police game?

You, be the police,

Chase me down the lane,

I run to tap my friends

Ensuring they are safe,

You close your eyes deliberately

Wait for me to hold your hand.


In the ruin of the moment,

Can we see the cloud fooling rain?

The magnetism of your hysterical laugh

Has always faded my brain.


A line of soul, the feel of touch!

Now, the shameless distance will shorten.

You, be my breezy love,

Pull me up at the height in my amazement.


The world isn’t a boundary anymore,

But the sky does seem small and pale,

What happened to the sun?

Did you draw it during this mess?

Effective but not much of a distraction

When I have you, you have me

Isn’t that enough?

Love does feel simple and impossible. Ask yourself – Who is that person you want to spend your evening?

22nd poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

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I Have A Doubt!

15Apr - I Have A Doubt

I Have A Doubt!

And there was a turn,

We looked so stale still ready to move,

Who’d have thought

We’d bag the tales of animals and a boon,

Play it to the tiny adults

And let them break their imagination to prove

That they have the power and the thoughts

To transform this abysmal society for good

And we thought of them as the chaos creators

And the overly exaggerated emotional kids, buhuhu!

Were we wrong?

Not in my view while living in the moment of truth!

A Filament of Philosophy

He taps on everyone’s mind

And listens to what’s inside him;

She thinks of a leaf reaching to the ground

And tries to feel the texture in it;


A series of filaments

Keeps emitting the source of knowledge

Both unravels the idea attached

And transcends it into a creative phase


At times, they both smile

While watching the old memories

He ticks the box of chocolates,

She crunches the chocolate boxes;


Hindrance what they often used to find

Let it strain their hearts in agony

They forgot the meaning of those interactions

And immersed their heads in the ‘being practical’ philosophy!