The Charm of Her Presence

28Apr - The Charm of Her Presence

The Charm of Her Presence

Leave the stains of my blood,

You might want to get off,

Staring at him like that

Is going to cost you your nose;


Damn! She is beautiful.

And I missed what he blabbered,

Rage! Not recommended at this heated moment;

And here comes another punch like a hammer!


Had I gone blind?

His nose is bleeding while he stammers!

Oh, her magnificent eye’s so appreciative of you!

Hard to believe but now I kiss her.


28th poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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A Filament of Philosophy

He taps on everyone’s mind

And listens to what’s inside him;

She thinks of a leaf reaching to the ground

And tries to feel the texture in it;


A series of filaments

Keeps emitting the source of knowledge

Both unravels the idea attached

And transcends it into a creative phase


At times, they both smile

While watching the old memories

He ticks the box of chocolates,

She crunches the chocolate boxes;


Hindrance what they often used to find

Let it strain their hearts in agony

They forgot the meaning of those interactions

And immersed their heads in the ‘being practical’ philosophy!

Simmy, You Are Here!

Simmy You Are Here

I can’t find it

In any of my stores

Those famous giggling

Sugar(ly) delicious chuckle of yours;


And when I put

A dent in my universe,

You gave a big 16 words lengthy speech;

Now, don’t call me a liar!


You may hide behind the phone

Thinking, you’re struggling with words, oh listener!

But out in this perky little window of mine,

Hey Simmy, you are here!

This is forth poem of #NaPoWriMo 2016 Challenge. Tell me what do you think about it? Is it a true story or I just made a bluff again? Have you ever found someone like that? Tell me in a comment section.

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Madly Deeply Heartily

Madly Deeply Heartily-2

There you are

Sitting at the cloudy dark corner,

Away from the fashionable world,

Abandoning all the hideous torture,


Penetrating every single emotion

Within the pretentious cup of smile,

For the good or bad

Mistakenly, I forgot you for a while;


Consider this my apologies to you,

I am lighting up a candle

On my deeply red clown nose

To feel the heat, to make you laugh and to mumble;


Hey, there you are

Standing over the sun hysterically,

Miming the rising star of this wax age,

Quoting love: madly deeply heartily!

The second day of #NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge. If you would like to read some articles you can visit at my other blog: Keep Reading Keep Humming

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Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to Fall In Love Again

Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to see the moon turning blue again

Waiting to pick the flower with the fragrance of moon

Waiting to hear your favourite tune on guitar for the flowery hours

Waiting to fixate my eyes on phone while breaking the guitar

Waiting to go in the rain while dropping tears over the phone

Waiting to live in the moon again after the rain

Where are you, now?

Accomplished, Yet Incomplete

Accomplish Yet Incomplete

Accomplished, Yet Incomplete

Flames and Rage

Were all around,

Exhausted and sickening dream

Among these, I heard a sound;


A sound

For getting the right thing at the right time

A sound

For the wishful plant which begins to rise

A sound

That berates you and motivates you to shine

A sound

That whispers in your ear and keeps you alive;


Yes I heard a sound

When the cracking road flicks me away

I heard a sound

When a beggar asks to throw the coin on his tray

I heard a sound

When she said ‘Congratulations for this day’

I heard a sound

When one said ‘this is not much enough to pay’


Anger and fire

Are still inside me,

Plausibility and possibility

Among these, I run again to be free.

National Poetry Writing Month

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One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

Often I amuse myself

By thinking of an idea of having her;

Hundred days of so called ‘true love’

And you just trapped yourself in nowhere.


Optimism, hope and belief are so tricky words

Just to make you feel better;

Two more tea-spoons of sugar

And your coffee tastes bitter;


Hey, don’t you judge me fellas!

I am the same you but out of this phony train;

Just one drop of smile

And I bet I will fall in love again.

National Poetry Writing Month

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An Innocent Confession


An Innocent Confession

You seem distracted,

Mind if I tell you a story of an endearing girl

Who never knew that fact might be unfolded

And her whole world would be going to diverse?


She asked me to have some patience

She said,

“I will surprise you”.

Her big, tired, innocent, smiley eyes tricked my words

And I said,

“Mind if I tell you how much I love you?”

See you in the moon

See you in the moon

It’s extremely hard to explain

From inside what exactly is killing me?

Is it the high expectation song

Which I am imposing on me,


Or is it the moment you said

You are leaving?

Although, I do not see any difference

Which gives me nothing but memoirs, ah amused!


By breaking the bridge of possibilities

In all mixup thoughts, I know somehow I’ll get through.

Don’t have to be cautious about losing you

You go ahead; I’ll see you in the moon!