I Promise I’d Never Say #MeToo

Dear Men,

You can touch me whenever you want,

Grope me,

Press me,

And it’d be very sweet of you,

If you forcibly kiss me.

I can identify

When you look at me from bottom to top,

Picture me naked,

But don’t you feel shy to talk about it

And if you want to go one step ahead,

You can masturbate in front of me.

Sometimes I feel offended

And be bitchy about my ‘rights’ and ‘gender equality’

Because of these stupid #MeToo and #womenempowerment movement

Do not take it seriously

I am just playing-hard-to-get game

What else would I want

Than brutally manhandled by you

Ultimately, raped by you

Because you are my prince charming

I am your toy

You are my king

I am your sensational sleeping pills of joy

What purpose am I serving here

If I disobey your desired sexual command?

What a life would I be living

If I refuse to jerk your phallus off

It’s hard to imagine my all achievements and progress

Without you and your tiny little thing

So, Dear Men

I request you from the bottom of my heart

Kindly never ever stop ‘loving’ me.


This poem is a take on the current revelation, thanks to #MeToo Movement, of sexual harassment and objectifying of women in various industries. Feel free to share anywhere.

This is the 96th poem under the poetry journal “Isn’t She A Cape Crusader!” which aims to add 100 poems under 100 days. I missed nineteen days.

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For the Hindsight of Love

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Picture Credit: Pinterest

For the Hindsight of Love

I had a huge crush on this girl,

I still have.

She lived far away from me.

Not that chatty or a typical girl.

Has a background so normal

Not so perfect, not so lame!

She liked the sports

Especially, running, trekking

And, sometimes, photography for a change.

She tries, fails, likes a boy,

Thinks, over-thinks, looks for a joy;

Could we get any more info on her?

Well, she is not exactly private kind of person,

But often, sips her coffee in private.

Okay, you caught me;

She, sometimes, is lazy in following rules and regulation.

So modest to acknowledge

That she knows enough about her field.

But she is trying to indulge in the conversation,

Makes a way to a stranger like me

To, maybe, get into her heart.

No, she is not that difficult to talk to

It was the circumstances which were difficult.

And then

Going through the forcible talk was unbearable

And became a burden;

She broke it.

She broke it!

She broke it so hard

That I lost myself in oblivion.

I couldn’t handle even the snippets of that chapter

Which ran for almost one and a half year.

I found out later

That she never exactly left.

She was always there

With an upfront apology,

Open to communication.

Instead, it was me

Who turned the back on her!

We cleared the slate

And the drums start rolling again

The universe has no way to concur

On our relationship.

Perhaps, there was no plan.

Perhaps, I only have to make a design of this something-ship

With the help of her complying stance.

Now, geographically, our distance becomes shorter

But there is a long path I need to cover.

Fret not, my dear reader!

I am writing a story,

Page by page,

Chapter by chapter,

Coincidences, incidents and verses.

She’s already my muse.

Let her character be alive,

Correct my way of knitting this journey.

And, one day, she eventually would turn to me

And narrate

“I had a huge crush on this boy.”

“I still have.”

Read my 27th poem on the final day of National Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge.

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Gulup Gulup Up

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Picture Credit: The surreal Dreamer Duality by Ragon Alvarez Fine Art America

Gulup Gulup (Bring Yourself) Up!

O dubious!

What’s with the strained forehead?

The power stars have agreed to your terms

No more totems, no more synecdoche.

The sky is your oyster,

Now, break the fences for the bigger trade!


A usual or unusual,

Conundrums will always have the tendency

To drop off-hand

You may fall

Or, you shall fall

But the measure of your courage must stand tall!


The grand Pluto is not your destination;

It’s beyond this galaxy,

Perhaps, to the other side of the universe!

So, you might need to reconsider

Your path of trajectory

O Dubious!

Do breathe

As the inevitable is bound to befall in your verse!

The 21st poem on the 23rd day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Don’t Stop (Color on the walls) by Foster the People.

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The Truth Teller

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The Truth Teller

Her musing chatters

Are always the talk of the conversation.

She often openly

Explains the nature of society

But later, apologizes for telling the truth

To avoid defamation.

At first, it’s hard to digest those stories

That too coming from a woman

But later, my ears got used to her feminine voice

And my head starts nodding in admiration.

Believe me, I am not in love with this girl

In fact, my doubtful behaviour is not even close

To the first sign of love – Infatuation!


One day, my moody brain started mumbling

Asking me to go to a fancy restaurant.

The café was fantastic in its glossy ambience

With the romantic candle-lit set table, salient!

Ah, my mind couldn’t stop

The slideshow of her passionate-in-talk face

But the eyes quickly responded by spotting her,

Looked so silent!


I let the best out of my creep

And jumped right in front of her to say ‘Hi’

She looked at me for almost a minute

And said, “I am fine!”

Her uncomfortable senses are clearly visible

And the face emanated horrendous lines.

There was a clear distinction between these two girls

One was confidently true to herself

But the second was living in a fearful lie!

The 19th poem on the 20th day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Houdini by Foster the People.

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A Fateful Formula for Success: Poetry Recitation Video

Here is the video of 16th poem of National Poetry Writing Month 2018. The poetry is based on the human tendency to rely on fate.

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A Fateful Formula for Success

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Picture Credit: Speckyboy

A Fateful Formula for Success

All the front-liners

Of their game

I have an important task for you

Throw one penny into the ‘Well’.


You see

I am under a lot of stress

To nominate the best candidate

To make them a sole owner of their ‘Fate’

So, I built this

Grossly smelly and grotesquely deep ‘Well’.

All you have to do

Is hold on to your lucky penny

Which should have a silver scream of your faith

And the history of your troublesome life’s slate.

Then you ought to lay the coin in your hand,

Make a wish for which you’ve always fret

And throw it in this wishful ‘Well’


So, people!

What’s taking you so long?

Aren’t you fighting, mistreating, craving

And engraving your name in your dream as the century’s greatest?

Trust me

Your hardships, skills, knowledge,

Political biases, tricks & treats, religious (mal)practices,

The struggle of generations

And behavioural attitudes are all noted.

But this is the final round, my friend!

And your one choice can put you one step ahead

Spend this penny a little smartly

And leave your future to your fate!

Throw it,

Go back to sleep.

The morning sunshine will turn your life around,

Make you the king of this world for decades!

The sixteenth poem on the seventeenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. The poem lights on the desperate people who often look upon their fate to get successful.

The song of the day is Twist of Fate by Olivia Newton John, an early era of video album song.

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Wake Me Up When Everyone is Dead: poetry Performing Video

Here is the video of 11th Poetry under NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. This slam poetry talks about my current life scenario.

The music is the classic Beethoven Moonlight Sonata.

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