Once I was…

Transcribing Moment To Remember - 14

On this long straight road

I was standing

At the farthest hour of time

Desperately waiting, talking to myself, wondering


Would she come

At this end meet me?

Would I be good enough

For her eyes to adore me?


There is no pumped up

Heart beat in the core

But if she missed by any chance

Sure would break with frantic tone


Once I was told

Never to expect any filmy moments

And with the progressive ages

Uncertainty was one of my appearances


The bus was delayed

And I was in the losing-all-hope state

But here she came with glaring look

Saying, “Sorry, I am late!”

This is 14th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

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Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to Fall In Love Again

Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to see the moon turning blue again

Waiting to pick the flower with the fragrance of moon

Waiting to hear your favourite tune on guitar for the flowery hours

Waiting to fixate my eyes on phone while breaking the guitar

Waiting to go in the rain while dropping tears over the phone

Waiting to live in the moon again after the rain

Where are you, now?