Life Is Poetry!

Pic Credit: Carlos R. Photography -
Pic Credit: Carlos R. Photography –

Life Is Poetry

On an empty street

A rainbow umbrella,

And I wore a red Pajama;

Sure, the day is kind of rainy

Indeed, Life is Poetry!

From the shelves of Poetry Jukebox.

The Umbrella


The Umbrella

Now I found myself savor of the day

By wandering and pausing random,

Non-sense it would be

As you might think of me a mental,


But believe me my friend,

I could find a way out.

I, on the top of the mountain, so cold,

After closing my eyes, am ready to fall down.


I don’t have to see

How much deep it is,

I would rather let myself go and explore.

God knows, maybe I would find ‘the umbrella’!