Audio Poetry Jukebox: An Evening Full of Perspectives

Do hear my new recording of my old poetry “An Evening Full of Perspectives” written on April 15, 2017.

It describes a theatre evening when I, as a theatre artist with my colleagues, performed a theatre format called Mushaira Theatre. This was the evening conducted by Poetry Social Bengaluru in collaboration with my theatre group Yours Truly Theatre.

Mushaira Theatre is invented and developed in Yours Truly Theatre by Sumit Acharya, Nandini Rao and Ashish Bhuvaniya. The format encourages audiences to come up with their poetry (written by them or anything they loved). We asked the small story around that poem that we perform on the stage improptu. The only advancement this has that the actors (we call them Kalashayars) exchange dialogues in Shayaris which are created on the spot. The format is based on another theatre form Playback Theatre.

Do hear it and share you like it. Your Comments are always welcome.

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An Evening Full of Perspectives

16Apr - An Evening

An Evening Full of Perspectives

I saw the happenings,

In the light of unimaginative chaos;

They found the space in a terrace,

Ready to share ideas and swing it to the force;

What a hallucinating exercise we did,

It was simple, you liked so endorse!


The love, the pain,

The light in the rain,

The silence with the torch

Huddling through, still sane;


Reading out poem

Was not that difficult,

But to the group of unknown,

It was a risk of insult!

But they did it,

We did it,

I did it,

In the hope of being heard;


The evening was entangled,

In the momentous beat of emotion

Left us thinking

Was that them?

Was that us?

Was that I?

Now, let’s not go back to our gaudy concoction

With terrifying forceful dream of money making

And being tortured to keep this life in motion!

I Have A Doubt!

15Apr - I Have A Doubt

I Have A Doubt!

And there was a turn,

We looked so stale still ready to move,

Who’d have thought

We’d bag the tales of animals and a boon,

Play it to the tiny adults

And let them break their imagination to prove

That they have the power and the thoughts

To transform this abysmal society for good

And we thought of them as the chaos creators

And the overly exaggerated emotional kids, buhuhu!

Were we wrong?

Not in my view while living in the moment of truth!