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A Friendly Letter to Sun: Poetry Recitation Video

Here’s the video of the 14th poem (written on Day 15) of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

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A Friendly Letter to Sun

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Picture Credit: LostMyMind26 – DeviantArt

A Friendly Letter to Sun

Disappear, Disappear, Disappear

Oh, Sun!

Let the clouds breathe

Let them fly and you flee

The blue sky is hardly ever seen

Because you Sun

Is undeniably annoying and arrogant.

You burn the jungle, boil the river

And heat up the mountain

Have your started releasing mini-blasts of Hydrogen?

Don’t mind the silly question

It’s a theory we all have read!

But, seriously though

My girlfriend is pissed off

Thankfully, not on me, but on you dork!

It’s high time for you to reconsider the entire course.

Let the rain turn the knob for a change.

Oh, I know, I know

She’s just your ‘friend’!

But rekindling the relationship time to time can be fun

Would you be the dear

And at least, talk to her?

That’s it from my side.

I hope that we would soon enjoy the love-shower!

The fourteenth poem on the fifteenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. Another fun poem with a little bit of liberty to make the Sun fall in love with Rain.

The song of the day is Another Day of Sun from the La La Land movie Soundtrack. I am a huge fan of this film. The cinematography and choreography of the song is pleasing watch. One of the best opening shot in cinemas.

Read this poem. I wrote it for fun; you can read it seriously. Thought? Bring them on in the comment section.

I am Shivesh – Poet, Writer, Actor, Theatre Artist and Now also becoming, Filmmaker (amateur).

I, Aquarius!

I Aquarius - 29

I, Aquarius!

It was a hemispherical cloud

Where the pristine imagination resided

And when the Aquarius tucked in all

Other stars screamed and shouted


The moon with its camera

Captured all of it under the shine

But the wisdom circle infused more power

The Aquarius was now prone to cry


Here comes the daylight

A sign of the Sun

With the beginning of rainbow

Delightful Aquarius smiles at cloud and run!

29th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 series!

Do you believe in Zodiac sign? What’s yours? Tell in the comment section.

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An Artist’s Journey

Charles Williams, artist

Day 18

An Artist’s Journey

If I think of one word right now

It would be



Walk straight every night and day

And the meaningful lessons

what we initiated


We are the wary of our own soul

And pretending

We are not defeated


Mr. Pumpkinhead once told

We held the Red Mars in our hand

And the blue moon which is folded


We are too gullible

To live in this foxy world

Can be ambushed and stranded


I know it’s difficult to understand that

Our story is written on the edge of sunshine

But nobody cared or accepted!

National Poetry Writing Month

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