I Found a Penny

I Found A Penny

Day 21

I Found a Penny

Standing on the metro street

He was looking for something,

In suit-boot and tie

He seemed very rich;


On his up and down movement

People started staring,

With his constant wasted efforts

He looked extremely worried;


I crossed the road by covering 24 yards

Tossed myself to make the appearance,

He noticed but waited for my question,

“Which path goes to the st. Mark Mansion?”


To continue his search process

He pretended like he was in hurry;

“Did you lose something?”

“Yes, a Penny. My Lucky Penny!”


I thought for a while,

“Can I have his penny?”

I reached to my left pocket

To offer him my penny


He turned up his eyes with a proud smile

And In sunshine, his face was fading

“Oh great, you found it?

From now, this will be your lucky penny!

Keep it.”

National Poetry Writing Month

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Struggle to Survive


Struggle to Survive!

Precious moment of my failure raga,

I reckoned to emphasize on my artistry.

They came in bunches and battled with me,

I decided to never break down in my territory.


The time was very difficult

But I had to face my fear bravely.

In a moment, the frustration lingered into my brain,

I was puzzled whether to fight or stop anonymously


Lots of people around were walking, talking,

All this noise annoyed me continuously.

I covered my both ears and shouted all over the world,

Ran like hell and laughed till my tears came out rapidly.


I looked everywhere for help,

Found nothing but defeated bunch of losers.

Suddenly, one gorgeous girl with blood stained face,

Extremely tired, smiled at me and went back to fight, pleaser!


I was exhausted, feeling sleepy,

So, pushed my body down and closed my eyes, me dreamer!

And I saw phenomenal lightening coming from white leaf tree,

One loud voice intruded into my eardrum, ‘oh fight you waster!’


I opened my eyes, enlightened,

I saw the same girl, struggling but looking at me.

I smiled at her and lifted my determined sword,

Hoped in again to the battlefield and kept myself free!

Blossoms in 2013 Winter 9


Last Note

It was past midnight

When I looked at my watch,

Whole surroundings were rhythmic

I could feel even my heart,

My vision was playing ‘hide & seek’ with me,

Dancing people around and I could see them in part,

My whole body was synced with the beat

And finally I understood the ‘Doppler Sound’ at my eardrum.


After the high run of last night extravaganza

In the next morning,

I woke up at the corner of my room

With this diary, kept nearby me,

Had some layers of dust on it

And the green feather was clumped in,

Written words on the page were blood red colour

And supposedly, never meant for future reading.


I encrypted every single letter

And I felt some mystery behind it,

“I saw you last night,

Same old stupid,

Still hiding your emotions,

Waiting for something, oh please!

Don’t try hard on yourself,

I will be back again to walk down with you on same street,

Just remember me, honey!”

Blossoms in 2013 Winter 7


Hey Mr. Expression

Secret has its own meaning,

No one here bothers to talk about its identity,

Either you keep it safe

Or it will become your destiny,

Hey Mr. Expression,

Reveal your personality!


You might be too shy to talk

But no one cares about your perception,

Either you break the ice

Or it could be the reason of your invasion,

Hey Mr. Expression,

Come out from the illusion!


Love never meant for silence,

No one here can be Mr./Ms. Right,

Either you step up and raise your voice

Or it would haunt you from inside,

Hey Mr. Expression,

Just keep aside your pride, come back to life!

Poem @2014 Beginning V-Day


Let’s fall in Love!

There are colors beyond the rainbow

Find it, do not wait for clouds to stroll

Do it, do it I say, now,

Let yourself fly and roll


The story you bound inside from decades

Let it out somehow

Do not wait for someone special to come

Cheer the freedom, sadness and love


People say they are afraid of break-up

But love and only love they all want

They couldn’t pin up with rhythmic life dream

Let yourself give a chance


Every day you wake up,

Wait for someone with ‘Good Morning’ Smile

I say do not wait

Say morning whoever you like


It’s ok if you couldn’t have guts

It’s ok if you are heart broken

Let’s fall in love

And surprise yourself in this breezy season!

Poem @2014 Beginning 3


Stranger again

When I see you

I see the new color of incarnation,

Connecting dots, reasonable roots

Just like a secret revelation.


I keep memorizing those brown eyes,

Re-read the expression you made,

Tick out the possible way of talking

But deniably you sneaked out from the swale.


I do humming when it occurs,

Try to concentrate on what I am saying,

But my focus is gone.

At last I am left with unsaid words which are nothing.


It can’t be possible for me to accept

After all those happy moments we spent,

All those teary nights

When you were not here, I was awake


The letter I wrote for you

Couldn’t post but all are with me now, safe.

Could it be possible for us to forget the past

And be a stranger again?