A Dinner Party And The Cheese

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A Dinner Party And The Cheese

He carelessly

Picked the cheese balls

From his dine palate

While gently

Delivering some ordinary jokes

He heard from a fellow cadet


One cheese-ball was misplaced,

Swung directly to the ground

Landed adjacent to the soldier’s feet.

A starving rat raced

To instantly steal it without a trace of any sound.

But the military shoe plumped on the cheese!


The disappointed but not hopeless rat

Ran towards his hideout

Perhaps, waiting to be part of another ‘feast’!

Read my 25th poem on the 27th day of National Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge.

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Righteous Sailor: Poetry Recitation Video

This is under one minute video.

Here’s the video of the 15th poem written on Day 16 of National Poetry Writing Month 2018.

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Righteous Sailor

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Righteous Sailor

He always has a craving for cashew-nuts

And often uses a sprinkle of water to refresh

Righteous Sailor

Has never been wrong about the direction

As he never left the vicinity of this river


Sailing high is one of his bad habits

Courageous some might spit

And watcher often shouts ‘splendid’

He, our Righteous Sailor,

Behind the gigantic motion of this illusive tide

Often hides all his past mistakes in the cry!

The fifteenth poem on the sixteenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Wake Up by Jenny Owen Youngs. It’s a beautiful song.

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Bob Fired Bob: Performing Poetry Video

Here’s the video of 9th Poetry of National Poetry Writing Month (#napowrimo) 2018 challenge. It describes the stage of a lonely, narrow-minded Bob.

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A Slice of Love or What?



A magic beyond any defined line,

Greater than the galaxy

Spread across the sky.

Dance, my love, like the moon;

Touche, for our earthly pride!

When you rejoice

I fall into the light,

But right after the beat,

You’ll have me on your sight.

Repetition seems to be our only common Jazz.

Are we still furious at the little slice of our life?

A tear dropped on a key of the piano.

Who knows who’s humming now,

You, me or fools like us staring at the infinite?