An Owl’s Story

Life is a delusion,
Full of indolent moments,
Smothering in the various narration
To learn an unbearable lesson;
But this owl, this tiny night owl
Knows it all,
Captures each of the dreamless crawl
To hit hard and stall;
Is it pointless
To be in this ignited situation
Waiting for the sky, cloudless,
To fly above and high, endless?

Time It, Sailor!

Time It

Time it, sailor!

Otherwise, it could be tormenting

As you go by the clock

Time could be relishing;


With the hindrance

Of the most beautiful event

I prefer to walk alone

Time wouldn’t need to be stopping;


O’ righteous path, o’ righteous you

Music ain’t my present

I long for my high end vocal

As like the time, I am running!

See you in the moon

See you in the moon

It’s extremely hard to explain

From inside what exactly is killing me?

Is it the high expectation song

Which I am imposing on me,


Or is it the moment you said

You are leaving?

Although, I do not see any difference

Which gives me nothing but memoirs, ah amused!


By breaking the bridge of possibilities

In all mixup thoughts, I know somehow I’ll get through.

Don’t have to be cautious about losing you

You go ahead; I’ll see you in the moon!