My Affair with Writing

17Apr - An Affair with Writing

My Affair with Writing

In these days,

My collections of words are somewhat tiresome,

But the mind has habitually been nefarious,

Quality has consistently been poor and often random;


In these days,

My enigmatic behaviour is extremely dull,

Has the heart timely been veracious?

Perhaps I had put a less of an effort;


For these days,

My talent and hard work should justifiably be balanced,

The tenderness of my mind and heart must be alacritous,

Then my work of art would vividly create the state of trance!

The 17th poetry of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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Found You, Maybe!

Found You Maybe - 21

Found You, Maybe!

Chased you,

Crossed you,

Mimicked you,

Smiled at you,

Looked at you,


High on this passionate moment

But didn’t forget to blink at you,

Lifted my hand to touch you

Real, indeed real it is;

Those beautiful dazzling eyes of you!

I had to measure my height

So, came closer to you,

Just like the glorious historical tale,

Wondering what to say to you;

It was hell of heat out there

But I flickered to show my coolness to you;


Silly, it may be,

But you are the key to discover ‘me’,

Possibly, the dearest one,

Yes, you are the one!

Lost somewhere between pick and choose,

I, for the true love, finally kissed you!

21st poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 series!

How passionately you love! No matter how many times we write the same old love story it still feels refreshing every time. Does this remind you anything at all?

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Just Listen To My Story…

Just Listen To My Story - 15
Pic Credit: Manga Art

Just Listen To My Story…

I’d like you to laugh

As hard as you can,

When I hysterically

Call out your name and stand;


You can pretend

To be really busy,

When I save few minutes

to talk and listen to your tale of bunny;


It will take no strings for you

To measure my heart,

When I wishfully cheer the song

You sang on the glazed turf;


Okay, easy-peasy,

I am not falling for you girl;

Because I am way out of your league

And you like your life to wave and swirl!

15th entry of NaPoWriMo Challenge – Half way completed; Only Half month left!

If you have any thoughts about this poem you can write it in comment!

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Once I was…

Transcribing Moment To Remember - 14

On this long straight road

I was standing

At the farthest hour of time

Desperately waiting, talking to myself, wondering


Would she come

At this end meet me?

Would I be good enough

For her eyes to adore me?


There is no pumped up

Heart beat in the core

But if she missed by any chance

Sure would break with frantic tone


Once I was told

Never to expect any filmy moments

And with the progressive ages

Uncertainty was one of my appearances


The bus was delayed

And I was in the losing-all-hope state

But here she came with glaring look

Saying, “Sorry, I am late!”

This is 14th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

If you got any thoughts you can write at the comment section below.

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Need Cappuccino?

Need Cappuccino

Day 29

Need Cappuccino?

I was little late

For the new chapter to begin,

Page after page, I turned over

But I got nothing;


Many fascinated coincidences

Were lined up in the congested life-lane

But every time it started with her smile

Ended with the twist in the tale;


At that moment, I seemed to be discouraged

With my devastated belief,

Back to back, two cups of cappuccino

And I was the man, ready to ride on wheels;


The chapter is new and fresh

But It needs a little polishing,

For the sake of rising again

I have to caress my music string!

National Poetry Writing Month

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Will You be My Girl?

Will You be My Girl

Day 19

Will You be My Girl?

Tell me you’re worried

And I’ll be there;

Your tension, your hyper behavior

Everything I’ll share;


Broke your guitar string

And I’ll be your tuner;

Your emotion, your trumpet-sense of music

Trust me, I’ll be your player;


The chocolate you gave me once,

I moved here and there like a dancer;

Your smile, your lifecycle stair

I’ll hold those hands forever;


If you left me without giving any reason,

I’ll hold your bag of inexplicable tear;

Your memory, your dream, your wish

I’ll put it all in my heart and be a protector;


Baby, if I kiss your soul

Don’t give those cold stare;

My life is yours

So, don’t roam around, I’ll be a perfect lover!

National Poetry Writing Month

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Do Not Wake Her Up, She’s Asleep


Do Not Wake Her Up, She’s Asleep! 

A cup of coffee at the time of dawn

Recites her memory,

She goes through then

What to do today only,

Cohesiveness between work and time,

She knows better than anybody,

She replies as fast as she can

But shows her persona in anonymity.


Once in a while in a whole day,

She takes a nap with timer set on,

Works like a pure mechanical,

Still keeps her inside human alive, oh God!

She walks like a rail but talks like a breeze,

Always in hurry, ma’am, just hold on!

Back in the house when she finishes her day chart

And cheerfully sits like a queen on a chair with TV on,

A phone rings while her pearly eyes were closed.

Oh Come on, let her sleep, she will continue later on!