A Filament of Philosophy

He taps on everyone’s mind

And listens to what’s inside him;

She thinks of a leaf reaching to the ground

And tries to feel the texture in it;


A series of filaments

Keeps emitting the source of knowledge

Both unravels the idea attached

And transcends it into a creative phase


At times, they both smile

While watching the old memories

He ticks the box of chocolates,

She crunches the chocolate boxes;


Hindrance what they often used to find

Let it strain their hearts in agony

They forgot the meaning of those interactions

And immersed their heads in the ‘being practical’ philosophy!

O Specialist! Universe’s Pissed


O Specialist! Universe’s Pissed

Look up in the sky

Tilt your head in the direction of clouds

Reign of the sun frowned upon stars

Broke into the environ to give the scars


Ring the bell, hit the drum roll

Let your happiness turn into darkness

O layman! O human!

While you die, celebrate the joy of Beethoven


You thought you were so clever

When you created the artificial rose

It hails your name around the world

The beauty, you described, frantically twirled


So dream out loud, let your tech-ego excel

While mugging the nature for development cry

O inhalers! O breathers!

Let your mortal body crush into the squeezers.

How Maniac Is Your Brain!

How Maniac Is Your Brain - 11
Pic Credit: Naoto Hattori

“Tip, A Drop, the sound

Yurekaaaaa, did you hear that?”

Knock knock,

Are you there, yet?


Oh please Ear, stop interrupting;

I am working on adding videos from subconscious,

But to satisfy your curiosity, yes, it was water

Now, can I be any more serious?


Oh human body, boasting my many of qualities,

I may misguide your life on various occasions;

But believe me, I am as busy as hundred robots

To feed more info, to push limits, to find answers!


Oh of course, you take a nap

And assume that I let go as you sleep,

But to break the reality onto you,

At that time, I push your imagination to highest steep!


Well, I don’t think you will understand this

For future reference, I will save this lecture;

Now, let me get back to work

So you can do routine task as per my order!

This is 11th poem on the 11th day of NaPoWriMo Challenge.

We all need to realize that our brain has to alter and work on so many tasks at the same time. How powerful it is! What is your opinion on this? Tell in the comment section.

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