The Usual Day of A Voracious Reader

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The Day of A Voracious Reader

She slumped

On an interesting word of thoughts

On which she stumbled upon

In an amusing paragraph

Since then,

She had been with this chapter,

Skipped her coffee

And the practice for the zumba dance


It took her about 12 minutes and 5 repetitions

To deeply understand those seven lines

Meanwhile, her cat

Who was in Shayasan yoga pose,

Moved her tow for exactly two times


Clearly, this mindful distraction technique didn’t work

The time went past her lunch hour.

She was busy sobbing with Tina

When she was left alone by her cold-hearted brother


The money plant at the window

Happily felt the rainy hour.

But she, however, wasn’t thirsty enough to have water.

The day went by and bid goodbye to the sun,

While she was gradually

Becoming into a page-turner.


Exactly 11:50 in the night,

Tina, scarily, crawled over the body of her lover.

But someone grabbed her neck into his fist.

The girl somehow escaped to the door

Where she saw her brother.

Pointing a gun at her

As soon as the bullet left that gun slinger

Tina knew that her living days are over.

She pushed herself back,

The bullet swiftly pierced through

The chest of the murderer.

Tina immediately hugged her brother

And also apologizing for her mistake.

She took a moment to say ‘Thanks’ to her reader.

The undeniably fulfilled Tina,

Now, looked up at room and her cat

Like a child waiting for someone

To pat her back

For finishing another Novel!

This is the eighth poem in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. Another fizzy and experimental one but not with the vocabulary.

The song of the day is a song, Evensong from The Innocence Mission. Enjoy it.

Please read this poem without a blink and a thought. If you are one among the avid readers and furious about the wrong representation please drop your thoughts in the comment section.

I am Shivesh – Poet, Writer, Actor, Theatre Artist and Now also becoming, Filmmaker (amateur).

Side-Effect Of Being A Non-Reader

Side Effects of Reading - 26
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The vitiated cast of Magta war

And unsung heroes who were behind bar,

Once somehow assembled in a cloistered book

To understand the legibility by giving an unpleasant look;


And as expected by the charioteer during ride,

The dogma was spread across time

And courses of chaos turned the events;

Now I am asleep with no hindrance!

26th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it on the comment section.

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An Awkward Confession

An Awkward Confession 10Aug2015

An Awkward Confession

The wire of sentiments

Are filled in the people’s heart

They teach you so many lessons

But failed to process on the real quad


While putting the armour around their waist

They seek to believe on all those positive signs,

But when it’s time to fight

They will run back to the simple life


Huh! It must’ve been hard to

Make a void in their loop

With a pint of truth and cowardliness

They seem to be happy by peeping through their hoop


Between ‘The Sour Taste of Success’

And ‘The Juicy Sweetness of Failure’

They choose nothing.

And they sing a wishful song during their tenure


You could sip your plain coffee

By ignoring a spoon with a big sugar cube

Just need a bit of courage to dream

and avoid the future-awkwardness of facing You?

Oh The Office

Oh The Office

Day 22

Oh The Office

Oh The Office!

Ahh The Office!

Take me up to high

Kill me on your shore

Bake me for the good

Make me to roar;


Oh The Office!

Ahh The Office!

What did I do to you?

Why is this insanity?

You call me funny I accepted

But at the end, just bring the moon to me


Oh The Office!

Ahh The Office!

Push to final phase now

Because we all are hungry

We don’t want any reasons or explanations

Just end this day of barbarity!


Oh The Office

Ahh The Office

I hope you are listening!

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Walking Boy

A Lost Lyric

Day 20

A Walking Boy

I was walking in a garden

Like people cut in a second

One hundred trees;

The lane was clear

And my muse was empty

But I found there a sweet honey bee

I took her for the helping hands

But she bit me

And got her free

My mind was confused

My pain was killing

And the rain fell down like tip-tip-tee

I closed my eyes

And enjoyed the rain

But the lightening strike made me to flee

Now I was walking on a street

Like people run on a life

To become rich

My friend once said

Life is a song and we all are singer

Then why don’t you just sing with me?

National Poetry Writing Month

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Bring the Good Old Days

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

Day 17

Bring the Good Old Days

Oh I am sorry!

Did I just open the wrong window?

You see the climate outside is soothing

One should be happy

Coz I didn’t follow tech-shadow;


The keyboard is covered on dust

And the freaking mouse did poop on it

It was long time ago

I maintained a folder with lots of paper

I had written all the chords on it


The memoirs could be shinier

If this photo album would become alive

The experience what I missed till now

Who will return those illustrious days

Oh the connectivity is high but the relationship died!

National Poetry Writing Month

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