Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box - 17.jpg

Hey Newbie,

Hide behind the world;

Puzzle box is coming

To ask you about

Your name,

Your place,

Your stand,

Your race,

Your type,

Your opinion,

Your goal,

Your vision,

Your achievement,

Your extraordinary mission,

Your day till night

And you, are you bright?


Hey stupid,

Still standing here on this turf;

Puzzle box is angry

For the words you shout,

I am weak;

I am hiding;

I can’t speak;

I am not running;

I am strange;

I don’t ask question;

I consider myself miserable

With no clear vision;

I mostly fail;

And hell with extraordinary mission;

My night till dawn,

On the struggling path, I yawn!


Hey Loser,

The secret key is there to swerve;

Puzzle box is happy,

You are its new maze, scout!

This is 17th entry of NaPoWriMo Challenge on Day 17th!

Do you know who’s Puzzle Box? Are you still trying to answer all the question? Tell in the comment section.

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The ‘Shush’ Syndrome

The Shush Syndrome

Day 23

The ‘Shush’ Syndrome


Just breath

Can you hear it?

Are you able to identify it?



Who is behind this sound?


How did it spread all around?


Try to remember

Where were you?

The big lamp what you are looking at,

How does it connected with you?


Oh… did you feel the vibrations?

Is this what they call awareness?

To decipher this maze

You need to see beyond the darkness;


Be careful

For every action you make

It can fade the soul behind this joyous mystery

Be a motionless warrior, savour the silence!

National Poetry Writing Month

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