An Affectionate Syndrome


An Affectionate Syndrome

Mystified by the churning totem, oh beauty!

Someone must defy her existence.

What are you, a wonderful serendipity?

In this life, I must magnify your presence.


I always confine myself to swim in this sky,

Wander naked and whistle for the ‘Mango Tree’.

But given the circumstances, I comply and fly.

Memory makes me want to jump again and be free.


The dilemma of having you becomes inedible jelly.

Deep inside me, it must implode.

Oh, I still adore you for complementing my wishful journey!

Regret – why didn’t I meet you before?

Do Not Wake Her Up, She’s Asleep


Do Not Wake Her Up, She’s Asleep! 

A cup of coffee at the time of dawn

Recites her memory,

She goes through then

What to do today only,

Cohesiveness between work and time,

She knows better than anybody,

She replies as fast as she can

But shows her persona in anonymity.


Once in a while in a whole day,

She takes a nap with timer set on,

Works like a pure mechanical,

Still keeps her inside human alive, oh God!

She walks like a rail but talks like a breeze,

Always in hurry, ma’am, just hold on!

Back in the house when she finishes her day chart

And cheerfully sits like a queen on a chair with TV on,

A phone rings while her pearly eyes were closed.

Oh Come on, let her sleep, she will continue later on!

A Day off for a Busy Girl


A Day off for a Busy Girl

A beautiful morning on a sunny day,

Chirping sound of the birds make her awake,

Souvenirs have blown through her mind

Half sleepy those two brown eyes

And the dark circles around it

Evidently reckons her tireless but promised life.


Rain drops keep falling on her head,

But she keeps rolling in her tinker tale,

Persistence have been riding through her time,

Monotonous working day spine

And her passionate, artistic charisma

Constantly paints her linear but coloured life.


Finally a holiday follows her day,

But she keeps rooting her ‘refuse to lose’ play,

‘No complaining, no excuses’ is written on her coin,

Ushering people with all her shine

And her focus for every moment

Pleasantly attributes her apprehensive but miraculous smile.

Poem @2014 Beginning V-Day


Let’s fall in Love!

There are colors beyond the rainbow

Find it, do not wait for clouds to stroll

Do it, do it I say, now,

Let yourself fly and roll


The story you bound inside from decades

Let it out somehow

Do not wait for someone special to come

Cheer the freedom, sadness and love


People say they are afraid of break-up

But love and only love they all want

They couldn’t pin up with rhythmic life dream

Let yourself give a chance


Every day you wake up,

Wait for someone with ‘Good Morning’ Smile

I say do not wait

Say morning whoever you like


It’s ok if you couldn’t have guts

It’s ok if you are heart broken

Let’s fall in love

And surprise yourself in this breezy season!

Poem @2014 Beginning 2


Tick-Tock Princess

I was busy

In reading all those philosophy

With a cup of tea

Mixed with sweet and ginger swingy.


I couldn’t concentrate

On the words, oh sweet thinking!

My mind was glancing

Through another world, oh day dreaming!


Rhythmic lyrics lingered all over my mind,

Raining ecstatic limbo moments,

Musical note dripped into my ears,

Oh! Here comes the tick-tock princess!


Oh my god! Why she looks so beautiful

Every time when I see her,

Even though she was available only for few seconds

I wish I would approach her and whisper:


Hey tick-tock Princess!

I talked to the time

And after a long fight he confirmed

That you can be free for a while.

 First time in the history it would stop ticking

And let you have your smile.

So, put your legs on the wheel

Continue a fresh ‘live on’ ride!