Sentiment Card Decker

The fumes lasted in an hour

While I was standing there

With my sorrow and the moroseness,

Only to submit those to the Sentiment Card Decker

Which I had with me for a long time now,

Allowing me to play with my emotions and share;


Hearts for all the hearty ones,

Diamonds for the faker,

Spades for uncontrollable times,

Clubs for the wild explorer;

But who can override all of them?

Yes, there is a Joker!


Sometimes you can switch the game,

Play the Rummy instead of Poker;

But these are not the easy suits to have,

Either you are a loser or must be a risk-taker;

Winning the hands is not the real question,

Could you manage to be the Emotion Bearer?

A Monk in Me

A Monk in Me

Day 12

A Monk in Me

I am the bar of

True sensation of color

Who holds

A precious piece of paper

And a goblet of fire;


Remembering the scars

Captured inside my memory,

I, once was a monk, should confide

The vengeful mission to raise my agony

And end of this ridiculous journey;


I have had a long ride

To pulverize this unrelenting song,

I chew my tongue

To remain silent and strong

Oh…. I killed the monk!

National Poetry Writing Month

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