NaPoWriMo 2015 Challenge Accepted


Hi Everyone,

This post is about last year NaPoWriMo 2014 Challenge which I couldn’t completed. I was short of just one. 21st April I missed to write any poem. Below you will find all 29 poems what I wrote last April.

Also today, we entered into April month which means NaPoWriMo 2015 Challenge is ON and I hereby take up the challenge. Let’s Roll!

April 01: Rumble to clean up the Jumble

April 02: Have you ever got the ‘Boom’

April 03: See you in the moon

April 04: Half way done

April 05: An Innocent Confession

April 06: New Beginning

April 07: A Small Talk with God

April 08: Precarious Jump

April 09: Let’s switch out

April 10: Did you hear what they say?

April 11: Surprise people

April 12: First Drop of Rain

April 13: Let’s be Red

April 14: Risk is Life

April 15: Shall We Meet Again?

April 16: Love still blossoms

April 17: Just one hug

April 18: Kiss me oh bird!

April 19: Did it ever occur to you?

April 20: Reality Meets Desires

April 21: *****************

April 22: Harmonica Unplugged

April 23: Let’s open the brain

April 24: Gold Fight

April 25: Life is Puzzle

April 26: The Umbrella

April 27: Oh Dear Destiny

April 28: Laughter for bigger life

April 29: Me, Outcast

April 30: Unforgettable Dreamy Summer

See you soon with my first poem of the NaPoWriMo 2015. Till then:

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Poem @2014 Beginning 2


Tick-Tock Princess

I was busy

In reading all those philosophy

With a cup of tea

Mixed with sweet and ginger swingy.


I couldn’t concentrate

On the words, oh sweet thinking!

My mind was glancing

Through another world, oh day dreaming!


Rhythmic lyrics lingered all over my mind,

Raining ecstatic limbo moments,

Musical note dripped into my ears,

Oh! Here comes the tick-tock princess!


Oh my god! Why she looks so beautiful

Every time when I see her,

Even though she was available only for few seconds

I wish I would approach her and whisper:


Hey tick-tock Princess!

I talked to the time

And after a long fight he confirmed

That you can be free for a while.

 First time in the history it would stop ticking

And let you have your smile.

So, put your legs on the wheel

Continue a fresh ‘live on’ ride!

Unforgettable Dreamy Summer


Unforgettable Dreamy Summer

Exasperated whole night, awake,

Frustration became poison in my vein,

Affirmation to dream was yet to confirm,

‘Yearn to live’ or ‘live to earn’?

One sweet smile was waving bye-bye,

Never expected this would be so early, sigh!

At the edge of my fallen, she wished me luck,

After accepting ‘The Harmonica’, unplugged!

Tricky situation had made me so strong,

At last, it was raining when I took off road,

Scary, but deep inside I was happy,

Yes, I jigged it with friends and family.

These precious moments would never come,

The laughter, the joy on the decisive path were captured,

In this summer, I was fallen, strolled,

Capitalized the picture of my life, scored!

Me, Outcast


Me, Outcast

I am the hideous character of soul

Never been alone,

Coz I accompany myself

Whenever I get bored.

People involvement in my life is negligible,

Just keep them at the stack,

Ravishing boldness makes me so capable,

So, I walk carelessly, never watch my back.

Honestly, I should disdain all these ‘qualification’,

Which makes me even more nauseas.

You feel little arrogance in my attitude

But deep inside I am scared and precarious!

Laughter for bigger life


Laughter for bigger life

Earlier, I cared for it less

Walking on the road was never so easy,

People and people everywhere wherever I saw,

Bus-Motor horn made me crazy.

They were all in hurry wanting to be somewhere,

The roadside stalls were about to close,

All were moving so slow,

Even though, green signal was on.

There was this little kid

Trying to hold the racket,

I saw a dusty man

Grabbing a bite of burger after a long day.

There was nothing to be sad or happy about

But still suddenly, a big laughter burst from me,

Tears came through my eyes,

And I smiled to people and said,

“Life could have been better, isn’t it?”

Oh Dear Destiny


Oh Dear Destiny!

The person who was supposed to come

Couldn’t make it,

He would have called before

But you know what he is stupid!

She had been waiting for him

From last five years, ah pity!

They couldn’t talk much recently,

Coz in their heart they followed ‘Destiny’.

They were roaming around the world,

Following their dreams,

Today ‘Destiny’ brought them this close,

He was striving till the last ounce of this series.

She was on this bridge for whole night,

Hoping for the love of tears,

By the morning, impatient, she cried, cried and cried.

Suddenly his voice came from behind,

“Sorry for the delay, Dear!”

The Umbrella


The Umbrella

Now I found myself savor of the day

By wandering and pausing random,

Non-sense it would be

As you might think of me a mental,


But believe me my friend,

I could find a way out.

I, on the top of the mountain, so cold,

After closing my eyes, am ready to fall down.


I don’t have to see

How much deep it is,

I would rather let myself go and explore.

God knows, maybe I would find ‘the umbrella’!