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Gulup Gulup Up: Poetry Recitation Video

Did I put my sunglasses on?

Here’s the video of my 21st poem under National/Global Poetry Writing Month challenge. I started playing characters. Let’s see how you guys like it.

The poetry is originally published on my blog:

You liked this video, please share. Tell me in the comment section different ways or characters to perform poetry.

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The Furious Nature of Life

23Apr - The Furious Nature of Life

The Furious Nature of Life

Acknowledge that

There is a fire inside you.

Alarm your body

Prepare your mind, be on your toe,

The storm is coming.


The stagnant nature of your life

Isn’t going to help you

The process is excessively demeaning

And probably, conspired to fail you

But the indignant power you have

Harness it to dig for the entire truth


But it doesn’t mean

You disremember the joy

The love, the sweet candy, the friends,

The talk, the almost hypnotic memories, the ploy

Against the indifferent time

Yet, you can lose, win and fall, but be coy!


Did you try to fail today or did you fail to try?

23rd poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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A Dream Before You Sleep

21Apr - A Dream Before You Sleep

A Dream Before You Sleep

Oh the mammoth sun stroke

Has now dawned upon them!

And with a dull lackluster gesture,

The humongous monsters are snatching the gem.


The gullible prince of a red kingdom

Frowned upon the firefly

Which are gliding from the sky

The boy has shown the tenacious fight

Bleeding through those giants

But the flying creatures

Atrociously attacked him with the paced ride


Is he defeated,

The one with too many adversaries,

Lying there for them

To exhaust ‘your’ brain and energy?


Will you get up again

For another lime of time?

Could you count the number of smaller wins

Every time you stride?

Answer tomorrow, once you wake up

Rest till the end of this dusky night!

21st poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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Desperate Times, Desperate You!

11Apr - Desperate Time Desperate You

It’s The Desperate Time, You Fool!

Heed cautiously,

The sound of thunder

Renders a vivid layer of ramifications

Which define the next wonder;


The pulpy air

Has the frightened nourishment

And a withering sign of superiority

Which leaves the cloud to the astonishment


Let the excuses be dead already

Put a warning sign on your chest

Like that rabbit – the brave heart,

Would you call yourself puny yet so strong?

A Routine Motivational Chapter

Life is filled with millions of

Oozy and Ouch,

But it is kept in the grey paint,

Blitzed and down;


One could clearly see

The dark and the white,

But choose to

Stay on their site;


What are scared of?

Death? Let it drain your energy!

Be a monster of your kingdom,

Conspicuously rumble against the tyranny!


They prominently conspire to sell your soul,

You are not here to play nice;

Forget about the rules what you made,

It’s time to gallop for the sky!

The Misspelled IdentIty

The Misspelled Identity - 13

Pic Credit: Deviant Art

The Misspelled IdentIty

9 out of 10 times

I disguised as a vengeful character

With the traits

Of hurting and delusional traitor;


Looking at the larger sky,

I wonder what stars would be thinking,

Giving the signs of unbreakable struggle

Or push my blind curves onto deleted reeling;


Often I conceive such ideas

As nasty bump-kicking blaster,

But for the better or worse,

I sulk in the misery of tied-up power;


So all the shines of my pride,

I don’t care what you say;

My lackluster imbalanced life

Would take me to the briskish day!

13th Entry of NaPoWriMo 30-Day Poetry Challenge.

Little unusual but could you relate to it? What is your thought about this? Tell me in comment section below.

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