Then The Money Happened: Poetry Recitation Video

Meanwhile, Watch the recitation video (with music) of my 26th poem under National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo) 2018 challenge.

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Then The Money Happened

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Picture Credit: My Modern Met

Then The Money Happened

Ah! The money

Becomes crucial at times.

If it comes easy and smoothly,

The world flows in its golden lines.



It frames our mind

To run at a certain pace

For the certain prize!


There is no silver lining

To witness the truth of this life.

Limit your dreams and the imagination

Because you have to fit these in the fixed design!


Break it,

Break it now!

You don’t owe anything to this world

There is another macrocosm beyond this ‘certainty’.

But remember,

There, you might have to travel solely!

Read my 26th poem on the 28th day of National Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge.

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I Want to Follow the Rules

Last day of NaPoWriMo2015 Challenge and the score is 30/30. Challenge’s Nailed! 🙂

I So Want to Follow the Rules

Day 30

I so Want to Follow the Rules

What if

You go to top of the mountain

Take a sip of cranberry juice

And pour the rest on you to make a stain


What if

You go to office

Take ten grams of marijuana

And dance over your shit


What if

You go to some federal office

Take out some weird book with candles

Read out some black magic


I remembered

Those people told me to follow the rule

Then they went back to their strategy

And manipulate the terms with money-boom!

National Poetry Writing Month

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Gold Fight


Gold Fight

Perplexing thoughts are wavering,

They seem to forget the remarkable soil,

Perished ideology never had a chance to resist.

Yes, they couldn’t see the dark world under the coin!


Everyone is running with a pounding sword,

They lost everything love, peace and their life.

Oh! Fools all they are,

This path is to strive and smile, not for gold fight!