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A Letter underneath My Pillow

A Letter underneath My Pillow

It’s hard to say the exact word now
What I used to say in those days
But I must try to hear it in my mind
And spell it out for you if you forget
The bus stop, the mingling park
The laughter club and the rooster annoyance
I made my hardest effort
Not to feel your presence
But like the unstoppable political crunches
Your thought has embodied in me
And I can’t fake it as normal anymore
“You are my shadow and I am your blink
Give my empathy to the light
They are not true like you and me!”

An Inspiring Laughter

Inspiring Laughter-5

The story what you reminisce,

Collect it one place sometime;

The people whom you met,

Get them together in your mind;


And look at those stories and them,

Make an adjustable or weird smile;

Now, see where you are right now

Perhaps, that one mocking laugh changed your life!

This is fifth entry of #NaPoWriMo Challenge (little late). This is the story I have heard today by a lady whose life changed because of one mocking laughter. Have you come across such incident where your whole world were impacted. Share on the comment the section!

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I am a Thinking Cup

I am a Thinking Cup 11June15

I am a thinking cup

Silent, staring straight with a hoodie

I capture

Thoughts, words, memories;

A picture of you

And a cup of coffee

The last dance,

The rain with a singing lady,

A hideous horse rider, a ghost

And the science fiction story;


So don’t pinch me on my back

I might ignore you by mocking,

I’d disappoint you

If you were looking for a perfect answer from me,

I try to connect dots, fixate situations in mind

Contemplate conclusion out of misery,

Oh, do you misjudge me when I smiled at you

There is a whole different world inside me, just expressing;

Because I am always imagining

Right or wrong, what do I care?

I am just a thinking cup!