A Routine Motivational Chapter

Life is filled with millions of

Oozy and Ouch,

But it is kept in the grey paint,

Blitzed and down;


One could clearly see

The dark and the white,

But choose to

Stay on their site;


What are scared of?

Death? Let it drain your energy!

Be a monster of your kingdom,

Conspicuously rumble against the tyranny!


They prominently conspire to sell your soul,

You are not here to play nice;

Forget about the rules what you made,

It’s time to gallop for the sky!

Never Lost Yet So Found

In the illusion of the borrowed life,

I was able to discover

The muttering, the galloping,

My so well-behaved but notorious remedy;


The insistence was to

Become a fool while narrating a story;

Empathetically, I could connect

Learn a few things, nice and easy;


There was no option of hibernation,

You either fall or end up making your own tyranny;

It was a limbo offering a lie at every step

Rendering a magnificent dream or malicious epiphany!


Do you want to know?

Do I want to know the truth or keep making history?