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Then The Money Happened: Poetry Recitation Video

Meanwhile, Watch the recitation video (with music) of my 26th poem under National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo) 2018 challenge.

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The poem was originally published on my blog:

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A Dinner Party And The Cheese

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A Dinner Party And The Cheese

He carelessly

Picked the cheese balls

From his dine palate

While gently

Delivering some ordinary jokes

He heard from a fellow cadet


One cheese-ball was misplaced,

Swung directly to the ground

Landed adjacent to the soldier’s feet.

A starving rat raced

To instantly steal it without a trace of any sound.

But the military shoe plumped on the cheese!


The disappointed but not hopeless rat

Ran towards his hideout

Perhaps, waiting to be part of another ‘feast’!

Read my 25th poem on the 27th day of National Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge.

What is your interpretation of the hidden story in the poem? Tell me in the comment section.


Balloons Have Its Ways: Poetry Recitation Video

Here’s the 1-minute video of the 17th poem in National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge. The poetry describes the way of life a balloon defines.

The poetry is originally published on my blog:

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A Fateful Formula for Success

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A Fateful Formula for Success

All the front-liners

Of their game

I have an important task for you

Throw one penny into the ‘Well’.


You see

I am under a lot of stress

To nominate the best candidate

To make them a sole owner of their ‘Fate’

So, I built this

Grossly smelly and grotesquely deep ‘Well’.

All you have to do

Is hold on to your lucky penny

Which should have a silver scream of your faith

And the history of your troublesome life’s slate.

Then you ought to lay the coin in your hand,

Make a wish for which you’ve always fret

And throw it in this wishful ‘Well’


So, people!

What’s taking you so long?

Aren’t you fighting, mistreating, craving

And engraving your name in your dream as the century’s greatest?

Trust me

Your hardships, skills, knowledge,

Political biases, tricks & treats, religious (mal)practices,

The struggle of generations

And behavioural attitudes are all noted.

But this is the final round, my friend!

And your one choice can put you one step ahead

Spend this penny a little smartly

And leave your future to your fate!

Throw it,

Go back to sleep.

The morning sunshine will turn your life around,

Make you the king of this world for decades!

The sixteenth poem on the seventeenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. The poem lights on the desperate people who often look upon their fate to get successful.

The song of the day is Twist of Fate by Olivia Newton John, an early era of video album song.

What do you think about fate? Do you believe in it or you only trust your hardships? Tell me in the comment section. See you in the next post!


Bob Fired Bob: Performing Poetry Video

Here’s the video of 9th Poetry of National Poetry Writing Month (#napowrimo) 2018 challenge. It describes the stage of a lonely, narrow-minded Bob.

The video alse reveals the information on my theatre group’s next performance in May. The ticket links will soon be up.

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Bob Fired Bob!

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Picture Credit: Ksenia Anske (Drawing by Stefan Zsaitsits)

Bob Fired Bob!

Hey Bob!

Would you care

To see through this binocular?

I was told that it can

Convert your parochial view into a broader one.


Splendid, isn’t it Bob?

With the kind of development in technology!

But, what do you care?

You have this magnifying lens

For a ‘never-understood’ philosophy of astrology.


Aren’t you the happiest man?

Your wife became a nun,

Your children died.

Sad, but look at the brighter side;

Now, you can flourish your joy in a full solitude,

Thanks to peculiar belief!


Bob… Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob!

You seem woebegone?

Take a dip of Smile,

Have a little life!

But before that, you have to choose –

Want to be conservative

Or will have an open mind?

This is the ninth poem in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. Finally, I am getting a hang of everyday poem writing and Bob saved me.

The song of the day is Bob Dylan’s Blowin in the Wind. Give the free bird inside you wings with this song.

Please read this poem without a blink and a thought. Which Bob are you? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

I am Shivesh – Poet, Writer, Actor, Theatre Artist and Now also becoming, Filmmaker (amateur).