The Furious Nature of Life

23Apr - The Furious Nature of Life

The Furious Nature of Life

Acknowledge that

There is a fire inside you.

Alarm your body

Prepare your mind, be on your toe,

The storm is coming.


The stagnant nature of your life

Isn’t going to help you

The process is excessively demeaning

And probably, conspired to fail you

But the indignant power you have

Harness it to dig for the entire truth


But it doesn’t mean

You disremember the joy

The love, the sweet candy, the friends,

The talk, the almost hypnotic memories, the ploy

Against the indifferent time

Yet, you can lose, win and fall, but be coy!


Did you try to fail today or did you fail to try?

23rd poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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A Dream Before You Sleep

21Apr - A Dream Before You Sleep

A Dream Before You Sleep

Oh the mammoth sun stroke

Has now dawned upon them!

And with a dull lackluster gesture,

The humongous monsters are snatching the gem.


The gullible prince of a red kingdom

Frowned upon the firefly

Which are gliding from the sky

The boy has shown the tenacious fight

Bleeding through those giants

But the flying creatures

Atrociously attacked him with the paced ride


Is he defeated,

The one with too many adversaries,

Lying there for them

To exhaust ‘your’ brain and energy?


Will you get up again

For another lime of time?

Could you count the number of smaller wins

Every time you stride?

Answer tomorrow, once you wake up

Rest till the end of this dusky night!

21st poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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Oh, Minion Fails To Lose

Minion Fail To Lose - 27.jpg

While simplifying any problem

Your face derives the emoted expression;

And with the background of light purplish color,

You can be viewed as delighted minion


Your fascinating walk

At the brink of the highest fall

Can generate the utmost power

To live the dream you saw and grow tall!

27th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 series!

I am sure you all have loved Minions. something they teach us. Never lose a chance to have fun. Agree? If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it on the comment section.

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The Misspelled IdentIty

The Misspelled Identity - 13

Pic Credit: Deviant Art

The Misspelled IdentIty

9 out of 10 times

I disguised as a vengeful character

With the traits

Of hurting and delusional traitor;


Looking at the larger sky,

I wonder what stars would be thinking,

Giving the signs of unbreakable struggle

Or push my blind curves onto deleted reeling;


Often I conceive such ideas

As nasty bump-kicking blaster,

But for the better or worse,

I sulk in the misery of tied-up power;


So all the shines of my pride,

I don’t care what you say;

My lackluster imbalanced life

Would take me to the briskish day!

13th Entry of NaPoWriMo 30-Day Poetry Challenge.

Little unusual but could you relate to it? What is your thought about this? Tell me in comment section below.

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Reopening Randomness

Reopening Randomness-3.jpg

They tied up these pieces of heart

Into a magnifying world of laughter,

Pure and historical

At a closure of veracious chapter;


We kept this in dark

For so long that can’t be remembered,

Fragile but breathable

With a touch of signified standard;


Now you wished to open it once again

Searching for those cult classics,

Old, now more sensible

In the randomness of magical clicks!

This is third entry on the third day of #NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge. If you want to read some random article you can always visit my another blog  Keep Reading Keep Humming

Does this poetry make sense? If no, my motive is fulfilled. If yes, then you did find something on the randomness of life! In any case, leave a comment.

See you a tomorrow with a new poem!

Inside The Mask Of A Hero

Inside The Mask Of A Hero-1

Whoohooom, Wohooom, Whoohooom!

I could’ve sung more;

With a whoop but tied eyes to read the dream

I really meant to blow this world;


Destruction or Demolition

Was not my motive,

In this ideal world for the last piece of pie

I could be either vigilantist or instructive;


Let’s have a lack of faith in everyone,

Try to touch our inner sound;

Once you produced the random song,

I could let my voice spread around;


But as I said, my eyes are tied,

Your trust is diminished with lots of sorrow;

Please pick your own bow and arrow,

Let me be inside the mask of an inspiring hero!

Today is the first day of NaPoWriMo (Of Course my favorite one) where I have to write 30 poems in 30 days. I, hereby, accept this challenge by posting this poem (just made it). Feeling great to be participating 3 years in a row!

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

He was afraid

The pitch was going to be drained

Where time became irrelevant,

Vision had lost its lifetime fuel,

Lyrics of the prime song became insignificant

Bounded by explicit or maybe, implicit rule


The summer painter wondered all night

Thinking about the winter road,

Discoloring the substantial amount of ride

Just to sleep in the dream store

What to catch, where to hide

Struggling with overflow of ideas at the universe core!

Rain, O Rain!

Rain, O Rain!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a dip – deep blow

Why aren’t you happy?

Like the ocean waves

Flaunting on the tale of the shore,

It seems you are angry

Can’t you see how much I’ve adored you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a sip – deep blow

Why aren’t you here with me?

Like the million water drops

Galloping on the wind’s call,

It seems you’ve decided to leave

Can’t you see how much I’ve missed you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a hint – spell snow

An Awkward Confession

An Awkward Confession 10Aug2015

An Awkward Confession

The wire of sentiments

Are filled in the people’s heart

They teach you so many lessons

But failed to process on the real quad


While putting the armour around their waist

They seek to believe on all those positive signs,

But when it’s time to fight

They will run back to the simple life


Huh! It must’ve been hard to

Make a void in their loop

With a pint of truth and cowardliness

They seem to be happy by peeping through their hoop


Between ‘The Sour Taste of Success’

And ‘The Juicy Sweetness of Failure’

They choose nothing.

And they sing a wishful song during their tenure


You could sip your plain coffee

By ignoring a spoon with a big sugar cube

Just need a bit of courage to dream

and avoid the future-awkwardness of facing You?