Though Freedom Is Not Free!

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Though Freedom Is Not Free!

In a distant future,

Let us be anonymous.

Wander to the path

Where no one has to tolerate us.


We could do anything

Pass a judgment on anyone,

Write a furious letter to the adultery committee,

Dance in a desultory fashion.

Be a bigot or an abusive hypocrite,

Read a holy book or burn the religion,

Count the people and typecast them,

Film those repugnant minds to taste their conniption.


Bring on the rebels,

Be impervious to those who lack imagination,

Finally, hide among proletariats.

Let the world be World for a second.

No need to become a warrior or a saint.

Let’s be anonymous

As everyone is or will be

In a distant future!

This is the Sixth poem in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. This poem could be counted as traditional one.

The song of the day is not a song but a background score of Blade Runner 2049 – Furnace. Just plug in your earphone and let the emotion flow with the music.

Please read this poem without a blink and a thought. If you find it interesting and want to have more discussion, then drop a comment.

I am Shivesh – Poet, Writer, Actor, Theatre Artist and Now also becoming, Filmmaker (amateur).

A Human Side of the Devil

27Apr - A Human Side of The Devil

A Human Side of The Devil

A dexterous and an intelligent man,
Defamation defines him,
Purely sinister in his thoughts,
Yet, so innocent the world sees him;


He often takes out the grudge
So furiously and blatantly,
The evil of everyone’s mind he possessed,
And demolition charms his personality;


The people think of him as an animal,
Snubbed his best of the human,
Abused him for what he is,
But he exaggeratedly laughs at everyone;


Wait, wait, wait – for the beloved God
Kill that funny retard before a recess
Like the bolster in a fire,
Watch him burn to death and show your prowess!


27th poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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13Apr - OFFish.jpg


In the pinnacle

Of becoming the most obedient human,

One raids to sacrifice ‘its’ life,

Made to believe it is Idiosyncratic, alas common!


Those who are told

Not to think, be mechanical,

But later are blamed

To have a useless mind, not good enough!


They are stirred

For the noodle-time of deliverables,

Often are stared and bound

Within the boundaries of 4-sided cubicles!


Oh, look at the time,

It’s already midnight.

Shouldn’t they start the day again?

After all, someone has to maintain the timeline!

The Supermarket News

The Supermarket News

It was the highlight of the crime time

Broadcasted all over the news

Misplaced lie and terrible fantasy

Are all they had in their ruins


But this spicy story

Heightened their reputation in the market

Breaking all the historical record

With repetitive experts’ reviews and target


“Human, human, human

Who would always be true to demanded character

Could be charming and obedient

Buy with up to 50 percent sale and cash back offer”

The 10th poem of this month for NaPoWriMo challenge. Do you think it’s reality of today’s world? Tell me on a comment section.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human1

Day 14

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

With a white clean hankie and a leather bag,

She was standing on this empty road;

I was on the another side

Waiting for the rain to stop;


She called me for help

But I pretend I couldn’t hear her;

She was crying out loud

And kneeling down to get my attention;


I looked down the aisle behind me

Just to find out the street was empty;

I picked up my leather jacket

but instead of helping I raced away to conceal my identity;


The perception of human enriched

To the point where we combine universe;

In this galaxy, far away, we claim to reach

But did we touch the soul within us?

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Monk in Me

A Monk in Me

Day 12

A Monk in Me

I am the bar of

True sensation of color

Who holds

A precious piece of paper

And a goblet of fire;


Remembering the scars

Captured inside my memory,

I, once was a monk, should confide

The vengeful mission to raise my agony

And end of this ridiculous journey;


I have had a long ride

To pulverize this unrelenting song,

I chew my tongue

To remain silent and strong

Oh…. I killed the monk!

National Poetry Writing Month

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Ready to Go to Mars?

Ready to Go to Mars

Ready to Go to Mars?

Mr. Pinker gets tired so easily

Rush and run

Rush and run

All he does everyday

But breaks the rules so freely


He teaches philosophy

Push and go

Push and go

All he talks daily

But postulates the emotion so truly


Mr. Pinker sees a dream repeatedly

Hush and tic

Hush and tic

All he keeps on playing

But packs up his bags to land on Mars, wishfully!

National Poetry Writing Month

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