A Letter to Confess!

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A Letter to Confess!

Wouldn’t it be good

If I look at you all day, keep my pain aside,

Wouldn’t it be great

If you keep talking all day with your felicitous smile,


Wouldn’t it be fair

If I am nowhere around and you feel my presence,

Wouldn’t it be pleasant

If you hold my hand and break the awkward silence


Oh honey, I remember those cupcakes

Which you saved it for day just because I love it

Looking for me all over, keep texting me like crazy

Just because you heard I was hit by something.


Those non-posted secret letters with you

Where everything is written but my name,

You were tired of restless work whole week

But still chat with me for hours and talk about rain.


Oh honey! I heard you

When you said you love me,

I heard you

When you said you have nothing but me,

I read you

When you said you will be ok without me.


Oh honey! I might be stupid

But not so stupid to leave you behind,

I might be confused about the future

But not so confused to say

‘I love you more than my life’!

Oh, Nice Guy


Oh, Nice Guy!

A random rugby game of this stupid world,

If ­you think of a straight way,

An honest ingredient mixed with lot of sweetness,

Lemony coolness and a shy solace,

Then only one question for you

Aren’t you a nice guy?


You understand almost everything,

You provide help in no time,

Sometimes you are ‘Sorry’, even for no despite,

You say ‘Thank you’ for small assistance you find,

So let me clear this out for you,

Aren’t you really a nice guy?


A girl you fell for,

A girl you adore,

A girl you love for all your life

But you can’t say the magic line,

Because every next day she smiles and says

How come you are such a nice guy!


A pleasant talker,

A silent listener,

Consistent on his mannerly behaviour,

Perfect definition of an idiotic picture,

Oh my god! Truth seller,

Anyhow, it’s good to be a nice guy!

A Day off for a Busy Girl


A Day off for a Busy Girl

A beautiful morning on a sunny day,

Chirping sound of the birds make her awake,

Souvenirs have blown through her mind

Half sleepy those two brown eyes

And the dark circles around it

Evidently reckons her tireless but promised life.


Rain drops keep falling on her head,

But she keeps rolling in her tinker tale,

Persistence have been riding through her time,

Monotonous working day spine

And her passionate, artistic charisma

Constantly paints her linear but coloured life.


Finally a holiday follows her day,

But she keeps rooting her ‘refuse to lose’ play,

‘No complaining, no excuses’ is written on her coin,

Ushering people with all her shine

And her focus for every moment

Pleasantly attributes her apprehensive but miraculous smile.

NaPoWriMo Day Seventeen


Just one hug

A butterfly passed across me

Was leaning forward to the leaf,

Which was waving against slow wind

And then I could follow my heart beat.

She was walking through hall way,

Taking long steps to run,

Stopped just a meter away but couldn’t see,

As her brown eyes were searching the whole garden.

I knew I could say ‘hi’ to her but before I do

She met this pretty girl with the bouquet.

She, extremely happy, just hugged her

With a small emo-kiss on her neck.

I could feel the affection in her eyes

And the smile enriched the moment.

I could get thousand hugs

But I wish I’d get this one hug poured in love scent!