A Filament of Philosophy

He taps on everyone’s mind

And listens to what’s inside him;

She thinks of a leaf reaching to the ground

And tries to feel the texture in it;


A series of filaments

Keeps emitting the source of knowledge

Both unravels the idea attached

And transcends it into a creative phase


At times, they both smile

While watching the old memories

He ticks the box of chocolates,

She crunches the chocolate boxes;


Hindrance what they often used to find

Let it strain their hearts in agony

They forgot the meaning of those interactions

And immersed their heads in the ‘being practical’ philosophy!

Clown In Love

The First Clown - 20.jpg

Clown In Love

In the most illustrated era,

Some woods were cut down

To help building a machine

With capabilities of creating clown;


Mostly, it seemed like a puppet show

With strings attached to us,

But we discovered a new way

To produce laughter for bubbly period;


Bored from everyday performance,

The clown whooshed the world away;

Held the guitar and big red rose,

Fell in love and sang on that rainy day!


“I leaned on the music of light

Considering myself not so smart,

But for this merrier story

Paint me some art!”

20th poem on the 20th day of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

What do you think clown world is? Is there any clown you can find in you? Tell in the comment section!

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Madly Deeply Heartily

Madly Deeply Heartily-2

There you are

Sitting at the cloudy dark corner,

Away from the fashionable world,

Abandoning all the hideous torture,


Penetrating every single emotion

Within the pretentious cup of smile,

For the good or bad

Mistakenly, I forgot you for a while;


Consider this my apologies to you,

I am lighting up a candle

On my deeply red clown nose

To feel the heat, to make you laugh and to mumble;


Hey, there you are

Standing over the sun hysterically,

Miming the rising star of this wax age,

Quoting love: madly deeply heartily!

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Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter
Pic Credit: http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Painting-With-Lights-Val-disere-Janvier-2015-12-lit__880.jpg

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

He was afraid

The pitch was going to be drained

Where time became irrelevant,

Vision had lost its lifetime fuel,

Lyrics of the prime song became insignificant

Bounded by explicit or maybe, implicit rule


The summer painter wondered all night

Thinking about the winter road,

Discoloring the substantial amount of ride

Just to sleep in the dream store

What to catch, where to hide

Struggling with overflow of ideas at the universe core!

The Fountain, The Cloud & The Bridge

The poem is based on the prompt ‘Bridge’ given in NaPoWriMo Blog.

The Fountain The Cloud & The Bridge

Day 28

The Fountain, The Cloud & The Bridge

A long lost cloud

Touched the top mountain

Wishing to rain

On this precious fountain


Easy as it seemed

The memoirs of love remained in the heart

The sky became limited

Only the royal bridge could reach to the crust


 A bridge

That could associate two loved one

A bridge

That could connect the chanter

A bridge

That could enhance the possibilities of random outcome

A bridge

That could lead the history on memorandum


On the deep valley, under thousands of stars

The fountain is still waiting to be filled again

And within the miserable lane through the sky

The cloud is still looking for that bridge to rain!

National Poetry Writing Month

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