A Letter underneath My Pillow

A Letter underneath My Pillow

It’s hard to say the exact word now
What I used to say in those days
But I must try to hear it in my mind
And spell it out for you if you forget
The bus stop, the mingling park
The laughter club and the rooster annoyance
I made my hardest effort
Not to feel your presence
But like the unstoppable political crunches
Your thought has embodied in me
And I can’t fake it as normal anymore
“You are my shadow and I am your blink
Give my empathy to the light
They are not true like you and me!”

Sentiment Card Decker

The fumes lasted in an hour

While I was standing there

With my sorrow and the moroseness,

Only to submit those to the Sentiment Card Decker

Which I had with me for a long time now,

Allowing me to play with my emotions and share;


Hearts for all the hearty ones,

Diamonds for the faker,

Spades for uncontrollable times,

Clubs for the wild explorer;

But who can override all of them?

Yes, there is a Joker!


Sometimes you can switch the game,

Play the Rummy instead of Poker;

But these are not the easy suits to have,

Either you are a loser or must be a risk-taker;

Winning the hands is not the real question,

Could you manage to be the Emotion Bearer?

Oh, Minion Fails To Lose

Minion Fail To Lose - 27.jpg

While simplifying any problem

Your face derives the emoted expression;

And with the background of light purplish color,

You can be viewed as delighted minion


Your fascinating walk

At the brink of the highest fall

Can generate the utmost power

To live the dream you saw and grow tall!

27th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 series!

I am sure you all have loved Minions. something they teach us. Never lose a chance to have fun. Agree? If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it on the comment section.

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Rain, O Rain!

Pic Credits: http://graphico.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Sometime-its-rains.jpg
Pic Credits: http://graphico.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Sometime-its-rains.jpg

Rain, O Rain!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a dip – deep blow

Why aren’t you happy?

Like the ocean waves

Flaunting on the tale of the shore,

It seems you are angry

Can’t you see how much I’ve adored you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a sip – deep blow

Why aren’t you here with me?

Like the million water drops

Galloping on the wind’s call,

It seems you’ve decided to leave

Can’t you see how much I’ve missed you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a hint – spell snow

Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to Fall In Love Again

Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to see the moon turning blue again

Waiting to pick the flower with the fragrance of moon

Waiting to hear your favourite tune on guitar for the flowery hours

Waiting to fixate my eyes on phone while breaking the guitar

Waiting to go in the rain while dropping tears over the phone

Waiting to live in the moon again after the rain

Where are you, now?

An Awkward Confession

An Awkward Confession 10Aug2015

An Awkward Confession

The wire of sentiments

Are filled in the people’s heart

They teach you so many lessons

But failed to process on the real quad


While putting the armour around their waist

They seek to believe on all those positive signs,

But when it’s time to fight

They will run back to the simple life


Huh! It must’ve been hard to

Make a void in their loop

With a pint of truth and cowardliness

They seem to be happy by peeping through their hoop


Between ‘The Sour Taste of Success’

And ‘The Juicy Sweetness of Failure’

They choose nothing.

And they sing a wishful song during their tenure


You could sip your plain coffee

By ignoring a spoon with a big sugar cube

Just need a bit of courage to dream

and avoid the future-awkwardness of facing You?