Summer Holiday

12Apr - Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

Higloo tigloo voluptuous breaks!

The summer is upon us,

Let’s usher them with all regards,

Play hero, write Cactus or seek Nostradamus


Frighty brighty Wohoo time!

Experience the ecstatic thrill within us,

Who let the mundane ugly torture prevail?

Send fire, stir black and live !

An Owl’s Story

Life is a delusion,
Full of indolent moments,
Smothering in the various narration
To learn an unbearable lesson;
But this owl, this tiny night owl
Knows it all,
Captures each of the dreamless crawl
To hit hard and stall;
Is it pointless
To be in this ignited situation
Waiting for the sky, cloudless,
To fly above and high, endless?

Bring the Good Old Days

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

Day 17

Bring the Good Old Days

Oh I am sorry!

Did I just open the wrong window?

You see the climate outside is soothing

One should be happy

Coz I didn’t follow tech-shadow;


The keyboard is covered on dust

And the freaking mouse did poop on it

It was long time ago

I maintained a folder with lots of paper

I had written all the chords on it


The memoirs could be shinier

If this photo album would become alive

The experience what I missed till now

Who will return those illustrious days

Oh the connectivity is high but the relationship died!

National Poetry Writing Month

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