A Routine Motivational Chapter

Life is filled with millions of

Oozy and Ouch,

But it is kept in the grey paint,

Blitzed and down;


One could clearly see

The dark and the white,

But choose to

Stay on their site;


What are scared of?

Death? Let it drain your energy!

Be a monster of your kingdom,

Conspicuously rumble against the tyranny!


They prominently conspire to sell your soul,

You are not here to play nice;

Forget about the rules what you made,

It’s time to gallop for the sky!

Sentiment Card Decker

The fumes lasted in an hour

While I was standing there

With my sorrow and the moroseness,

Only to submit those to the Sentiment Card Decker

Which I had with me for a long time now,

Allowing me to play with my emotions and share;


Hearts for all the hearty ones,

Diamonds for the faker,

Spades for uncontrollable times,

Clubs for the wild explorer;

But who can override all of them?

Yes, there is a Joker!


Sometimes you can switch the game,

Play the Rummy instead of Poker;

But these are not the easy suits to have,

Either you are a loser or must be a risk-taker;

Winning the hands is not the real question,

Could you manage to be the Emotion Bearer?

Once I was…

Transcribing Moment To Remember - 14

On this long straight road

I was standing

At the farthest hour of time

Desperately waiting, talking to myself, wondering


Would she come

At this end meet me?

Would I be good enough

For her eyes to adore me?


There is no pumped up

Heart beat in the core

But if she missed by any chance

Sure would break with frantic tone


Once I was told

Never to expect any filmy moments

And with the progressive ages

Uncertainty was one of my appearances


The bus was delayed

And I was in the losing-all-hope state

But here she came with glaring look

Saying, “Sorry, I am late!”

This is 14th poem of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

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Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter
Pic Credit: http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Painting-With-Lights-Val-disere-Janvier-2015-12-lit__880.jpg

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

He was afraid

The pitch was going to be drained

Where time became irrelevant,

Vision had lost its lifetime fuel,

Lyrics of the prime song became insignificant

Bounded by explicit or maybe, implicit rule


The summer painter wondered all night

Thinking about the winter road,

Discoloring the substantial amount of ride

Just to sleep in the dream store

What to catch, where to hide

Struggling with overflow of ideas at the universe core!

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human1

Day 14

A Beginner’s Guide to Become Human

With a white clean hankie and a leather bag,

She was standing on this empty road;

I was on the another side

Waiting for the rain to stop;


She called me for help

But I pretend I couldn’t hear her;

She was crying out loud

And kneeling down to get my attention;


I looked down the aisle behind me

Just to find out the street was empty;

I picked up my leather jacket

but instead of helping I raced away to conceal my identity;


The perception of human enriched

To the point where we combine universe;

In this galaxy, far away, we claim to reach

But did we touch the soul within us?

National Poetry Writing Month

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