A Dream Before You Sleep

21Apr - A Dream Before You Sleep

A Dream Before You Sleep

Oh the mammoth sun stroke

Has now dawned upon them!

And with a dull lackluster gesture,

The humongous monsters are snatching the gem.


The gullible prince of a red kingdom

Frowned upon the firefly

Which are gliding from the sky

The boy has shown the tenacious fight

Bleeding through those giants

But the flying creatures

Atrociously attacked him with the paced ride


Is he defeated,

The one with too many adversaries,

Lying there for them

To exhaust ‘your’ brain and energy?


Will you get up again

For another lime of time?

Could you count the number of smaller wins

Every time you stride?

Answer tomorrow, once you wake up

Rest till the end of this dusky night!

21st poem of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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A Day without a Poem

A Day without a Poem

Day 13

A Day without a Poem

Today I am not going

To write a poem

No words

No metaphors

No lines

No memories

No stories

No emotional insights

No philosophy

No inspirational terminology

No dummy piece of kites


I know

You expect me to describe

The joy

The moment

The chapter

The pain

The mundane events

The different kinds of character


But this is out of my hand

Right now

Coz I am tired

I am rough

I am grumpy

I am depressed

I am in no mood to work

I am sleepy


So let me sleep

For the deep long night

I will come back tomorrow

With a new day for a fresh ride

National Poetry Writing Month

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