A Letter to Confess!

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A Letter to Confess!

Wouldn’t it be good

If I look at you all day, keep my pain aside,

Wouldn’t it be great

If you keep talking all day with your felicitous smile,


Wouldn’t it be fair

If I am nowhere around and you feel my presence,

Wouldn’t it be pleasant

If you hold my hand and break the awkward silence


Oh honey, I remember those cupcakes

Which you saved it for day just because I love it

Looking for me all over, keep texting me like crazy

Just because you heard I was hit by something.


Those non-posted secret letters with you

Where everything is written but my name,

You were tired of restless work whole week

But still chat with me for hours and talk about rain.


Oh honey! I heard you

When you said you love me,

I heard you

When you said you have nothing but me,

I read you

When you said you will be ok without me.


Oh honey! I might be stupid

But not so stupid to leave you behind,

I might be confused about the future

But not so confused to say

‘I love you more than my life’!

NaPoWriMo Day Nighteen


Did it ever occur to you?

Usually I sit at the same café

Take a black tea with ginger on it

Expect and wait for the moment she could enter

She comes and looks at me so happily

Did you ever feel the goose bumps at the moment?

I don’t know why

It happens again and again,

Doesn’t matter, coincidentally or planned.

She stares at me until my hand waves

Could you ever embrace the ‘Connection’?

We occasionally meet at defined condition

And we start talking, and talking, and talking,

There is no way we could stop smiling and be silent,

I could stay with her forever, no matter where the world is.

Did you ever get the vibe of eternal love?