An Awkward Confession

An Awkward Confession 10Aug2015

An Awkward Confession

The wire of sentiments

Are filled in the people’s heart

They teach you so many lessons

But failed to process on the real quad


While putting the armour around their waist

They seek to believe on all those positive signs,

But when it’s time to fight

They will run back to the simple life


Huh! It must’ve been hard to

Make a void in their loop

With a pint of truth and cowardliness

They seem to be happy by peeping through their hoop


Between ‘The Sour Taste of Success’

And ‘The Juicy Sweetness of Failure’

They choose nothing.

And they sing a wishful song during their tenure


You could sip your plain coffee

By ignoring a spoon with a big sugar cube

Just need a bit of courage to dream

and avoid the future-awkwardness of facing You?

I am a Thinking Cup

I am a Thinking Cup 11June15

I am a thinking cup

Silent, staring straight with a hoodie

I capture

Thoughts, words, memories;

A picture of you

And a cup of coffee

The last dance,

The rain with a singing lady,

A hideous horse rider, a ghost

And the science fiction story;


So don’t pinch me on my back

I might ignore you by mocking,

I’d disappoint you

If you were looking for a perfect answer from me,

I try to connect dots, fixate situations in mind

Contemplate conclusion out of misery,

Oh, do you misjudge me when I smiled at you

There is a whole different world inside me, just expressing;

Because I am always imagining

Right or wrong, what do I care?

I am just a thinking cup!

Call Me Your Dream

Call Me Your Dream

Day 08

Call Me Your Dream

Some written piece of paper

If you found,

Then call me to read it for you

You blink and I’ll be around;


A mug with half filled coffee

If you wouldn’t be able to finish,

Then write me letter

At the last word you’d be taking your final sip;


Out of ignorance

If you forgot to talk with me,

Then whenever you go to sleep

Until the last breath I’ll knock the door behind your eyelid,

I never let you go

For once again you’ll remember me!

National Poetry Writing Month

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I Write a Day

I Write a Day3

I Write a Day

Black angel

From the Mockingjay kingdom

Brought the delightful morning

By making a cup of coffee using memorandum;


I highlighted the absence of her

Attaching few drops of tears,

But she didn’t listen

And kept on making blood smears;


The waking up part was not so fancy,

It cracked the moon inside me.

I lied and cried for the twisted tale,

She poured a glass of wine beneath this half-grown tree;


I could have tried much harder

To reap the seed in a much better way,

I tossed up the coin under the blessing of her,

“Yet another choice, for just another day!”

National Poetry Writing Month

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One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

Often I amuse myself

By thinking of an idea of having her;

Hundred days of so called ‘true love’

And you just trapped yourself in nowhere.


Optimism, hope and belief are so tricky words

Just to make you feel better;

Two more tea-spoons of sugar

And your coffee tastes bitter;


Hey, don’t you judge me fellas!

I am the same you but out of this phony train;

Just one drop of smile

And I bet I will fall in love again.

National Poetry Writing Month

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Poem @2014 Beginning 5


Fuzzy Dream

I had this dream,

Very strange,

It kept me awake all night,

Showed, Life disdained.


One cola can was opened up,

I happened to look at that foam,

One lemon candy was on the floor,

I picked it up to taste the juicy stone.


I looked at my coffee mug

Which still had some black coffee in it,

One half-filled rum bottle was on my table

And those flower imprinted glass was glancing at me.


One extremely thin guy was staring

With those clumsy eyes,

He had 6 barrel pistol

Pointing right at me, oh am I going to die?


I put my finger into my nose so casually

But inside I was scared to death,

He was still watching with rage filled eyes,

I showed, don’t care, but was planning what to do next?


Somehow, I accumulated my courage and asked,

I don’t care about the gun but who are you?

He chuckled a bit and replied,

Oh stupid! Don’t you know I am you!