Clown In Love

The First Clown - 20.jpg

Clown In Love

In the most illustrated era,

Some woods were cut down

To help building a machine

With capabilities of creating clown;


Mostly, it seemed like a puppet show

With strings attached to us,

But we discovered a new way

To produce laughter for bubbly period;


Bored from everyday performance,

The clown whooshed the world away;

Held the guitar and big red rose,

Fell in love and sang on that rainy day!


“I leaned on the music of light

Considering myself not so smart,

But for this merrier story

Paint me some art!”

20th poem on the 20th day of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

What do you think clown world is? Is there any clown you can find in you? Tell in the comment section!

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