Gulup Gulup Up

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Picture Credit: The surreal Dreamer Duality by Ragon Alvarez Fine Art America

Gulup Gulup (Bring Yourself) Up!

O dubious!

What’s with the strained forehead?

The power stars have agreed to your terms

No more totems, no more synecdoche.

The sky is your oyster,

Now, break the fences for the bigger trade!


A usual or unusual,

Conundrums will always have the tendency

To drop off-hand

You may fall

Or, you shall fall

But the measure of your courage must stand tall!


The grand Pluto is not your destination;

It’s beyond this galaxy,

Perhaps, to the other side of the universe!

So, you might need to reconsider

Your path of trajectory

O Dubious!

Do breathe

As the inevitable is bound to befall in your verse!

The 21st poem on the 23rd day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Don’t Stop (Color on the walls) by Foster the People.

If you have any thoughts, bring them on in the comment section.

O Summer, Where Adventure Thou?

Clumsy desires

in your sweaty hands!

How long would you be standing there

to listen to the calling?


One Degree Celsius up,

One breath down!

How far would you be willing

to walk to put on the adventurous wearing?

NaPoWriMo 2018 is about to begin. Let’s roll up your sleeves.

Clown In Love

The First Clown - 20.jpg

Clown In Love

In the most illustrated era,

Some woods were cut down

To help building a machine

With capabilities of creating clown;


Mostly, it seemed like a puppet show

With strings attached to us,

But we discovered a new way

To produce laughter for bubbly period;


Bored from everyday performance,

The clown whooshed the world away;

Held the guitar and big red rose,

Fell in love and sang on that rainy day!


“I leaned on the music of light

Considering myself not so smart,

But for this merrier story

Paint me some art!”

20th poem on the 20th day of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

What do you think clown world is? Is there any clown you can find in you? Tell in the comment section!

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Rain, O Rain!

Pic Credits:
Pic Credits:

Rain, O Rain!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a dip – deep blow

Why aren’t you happy?

Like the ocean waves

Flaunting on the tale of the shore,

It seems you are angry

Can’t you see how much I’ve adored you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a sip – deep blow

Why aren’t you here with me?

Like the million water drops

Galloping on the wind’s call,

It seems you’ve decided to leave

Can’t you see how much I’ve missed you!

Rain, O Rain!

Take a hint – spell snow

An Awkward Confession

An Awkward Confession 10Aug2015

An Awkward Confession

The wire of sentiments

Are filled in the people’s heart

They teach you so many lessons

But failed to process on the real quad


While putting the armour around their waist

They seek to believe on all those positive signs,

But when it’s time to fight

They will run back to the simple life


Huh! It must’ve been hard to

Make a void in their loop

With a pint of truth and cowardliness

They seem to be happy by peeping through their hoop


Between ‘The Sour Taste of Success’

And ‘The Juicy Sweetness of Failure’

They choose nothing.

And they sing a wishful song during their tenure


You could sip your plain coffee

By ignoring a spoon with a big sugar cube

Just need a bit of courage to dream

and avoid the future-awkwardness of facing You?