Stupid Adam & Eve

30Apr- Stupid Adam & Eve

Stupid Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve

Went up the hill,

Loosen up their feet,

Lied down to chill;


Isolated from the world

To ignite the new relationship,

Work out on their problems

Dancing their heart out until they flipped;


They roll down to the ground.

Poor funny souls!

Want to be illogical,

And often laugh at each other’s faults!


They are mysterious not so grumpy.

Childish as they were before;

Now, who’s going to tell them

That they are in love?


Completing NaPoWriMo 2017 challenge with the 30th poem. It’s been a pleasure participating and even successfully completing the poetry month challenge four years straight in a row. I am sure that with this, I will get back enthusiasm and energy back for writing more and more, not just poetry but stories and even, a novel (ahh… a long time procrastinated dream)

If you have any thoughts share it in the comment section. I would love to hear and reply to all.

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My Affair with Writing

17Apr - An Affair with Writing

My Affair with Writing

In these days,

My collections of words are somewhat tiresome,

But the mind has habitually been nefarious,

Quality has consistently been poor and often random;


In these days,

My enigmatic behaviour is extremely dull,

Has the heart timely been veracious?

Perhaps I had put a less of an effort;


For these days,

My talent and hard work should justifiably be balanced,

The tenderness of my mind and heart must be alacritous,

Then my work of art would vividly create the state of trance!

The 17th poetry of NaPoWriMo 2017 series!

If you have any thought in your mind for this poetry share it in the comment section.

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