Struggle to Survive


Struggle to Survive!

Precious moment of my failure raga,

I reckoned to emphasize on my artistry.

They came in bunches and battled with me,

I decided to never break down in my territory.


The time was very difficult

But I had to face my fear bravely.

In a moment, the frustration lingered into my brain,

I was puzzled whether to fight or stop anonymously


Lots of people around were walking, talking,

All this noise annoyed me continuously.

I covered my both ears and shouted all over the world,

Ran like hell and laughed till my tears came out rapidly.


I looked everywhere for help,

Found nothing but defeated bunch of losers.

Suddenly, one gorgeous girl with blood stained face,

Extremely tired, smiled at me and went back to fight, pleaser!


I was exhausted, feeling sleepy,

So, pushed my body down and closed my eyes, me dreamer!

And I saw phenomenal lightening coming from white leaf tree,

One loud voice intruded into my eardrum, ‘oh fight you waster!’


I opened my eyes, enlightened,

I saw the same girl, struggling but looking at me.

I smiled at her and lifted my determined sword,

Hoped in again to the battlefield and kept myself free!

Extremely Loud, Hear Them Out


Extremely Loud, Hear Them Out

If you observe your surroundings closely,

Reign of sound terrorizes your whole body,

No matter where you go,

It will follow you till eternity.


You exclaim your anger,

Unify the periodic extreme emotion,

Just because a pinch of noise

Startles you and detracts your relaxation.


You cover your ears so hard,

Try to run so far and scream like hell,

But nothing gives you peace

And you find this world so small on your scale.


People talk, shout, cry,

whisper, blabber and sometimes sing,

But they forgot to listen

Everybody wants to share something.


In all this noise, extremely loud,

When you start to hear them out,

The world would sense serenity

And You’ll feel the ecstatic presence of musical surround!