Butterfly Boy

First time I have written a poem based pre-set prompt by NaPoWriMo. Today’s Prompt is hay(na)ku created by Eileen Tabios. So, here it is.

Journey to Survive

Day 27

Butterfly Boy


Chases you,

Leading the sky



Teaches you

How to fly



Shows you

Nausea of lie



Makes you

Stronger than Butterfly



For you

But let’s try!

National Poetry Writing Month

Keep Reading Keep Humming

Ahoy Boy!

He is quite an ‘Ahoy’ boy,

Nuisance in his innocence

Has no sense of woe

Venturing for his essence


Ideology never excites him

Instead, he visions for new personality

He is an insomniac

Failing on his skills, ah so lazy!


He knows this indifference,

But dream paints him as crazy

He has to run, run for the mile

Seek for the triumph, eventually


Oh teacher!

What if he demolished himself

On the path of his eventful journey

What if he chaotically found himself lost

On the verge of his stupidity


I guess on that day

He would go awry

Try to reason with his misfortune

Tangibly hurt himself for his deficiency


But hey Teacher!

He will mold himself again

Take blessing for specialty

Hustle for the amiss divine

Oh teacher, just give him the vitality!

And I Thought I was Funny


And I Thought I was Funny

I want to highlight

Some amount of light here,

It’s crazy but also breezy,

Sound of running clock is ‘tick-tick’, tricky!

And I thought

I was funny, oh dear!


Sometimes back I asked the painter,

Why I am afraid to roar and cheer?

He said, what, you dummy,

You come lonely, walk solely and go only.

And I thought

I was funny, oh dear!


I rattled for longest yard,

Kept myself rooted just to become happy peer,

But they said, ah dumb dreamy,

You happened to be the part of the group ‘Dummy’.

And I thought

I was funny, oh Dear!


All the hums and bumps I saw

And I found the secret to overcome the fear,

You run along, face the reality,

Don’t care about people and nourish your mystery.

Now I think

I am funny, yes dear!