Will You be My Girl?

Will You be My Girl

Day 19

Will You be My Girl?

Tell me you’re worried

And I’ll be there;

Your tension, your hyper behavior

Everything I’ll share;


Broke your guitar string

And I’ll be your tuner;

Your emotion, your trumpet-sense of music

Trust me, I’ll be your player;


The chocolate you gave me once,

I moved here and there like a dancer;

Your smile, your lifecycle stair

I’ll hold those hands forever;


If you left me without giving any reason,

I’ll hold your bag of inexplicable tear;

Your memory, your dream, your wish

I’ll put it all in my heart and be a protector;


Baby, if I kiss your soul

Don’t give those cold stare;

My life is yours

So, don’t roam around, I’ll be a perfect lover!

National Poetry Writing Month

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An Innocent Confession


An Innocent Confession

You seem distracted,

Mind if I tell you a story of an endearing girl

Who never knew that fact might be unfolded

And her whole world would be going to diverse?


She asked me to have some patience

She said,

“I will surprise you”.

Her big, tired, innocent, smiley eyes tricked my words

And I said,

“Mind if I tell you how much I love you?”