Life Is Poetry!

Pic Credit: Carlos R. Photography -
Pic Credit: Carlos R. Photography –

Life Is Poetry

On an empty street

A rainbow umbrella,

And I wore a red Pajama;

Sure, the day is kind of rainy

Indeed, Life is Poetry!

From the shelves of Poetry Jukebox.

Wish You Were Here


On the edge of tomorrow

When you will be tormenting all my ideas

I will keep on breaking my nerves

And you would be busy refraining persona


No matter where my soul would be burning

I will attempt to measure this longest distance

You could run, and run forever

Take a nap and continue breaking disturbance


On this age of rain

I dig out the old pages just to preserve souvenir

I see you with my blinking eyes

And wish you were here!

A Man without a Head


A Man without a Head

In the yellow light of paradise
I walked in for delight
Brink shore in hallucinating land
I waged for new life

I dug up the whole city
Ran through the realm, waste!
Rebooted my dexterity, somehow
But what I found was ‘A man without a head’

Brick by brick I stored everything
Swing by swing I held my breath
But this man couldn’t seem to grow up
Instead, He was demonically wandering on the lane

I wept whole night at the sea
Trying to figure out what went wrong
He tapped on my back in his well suited dress
“Don’t punish yourself, be strong!”

And I Thought I was Funny


And I Thought I was Funny

I want to highlight

Some amount of light here,

It’s crazy but also breezy,

Sound of running clock is ‘tick-tick’, tricky!

And I thought

I was funny, oh dear!


Sometimes back I asked the painter,

Why I am afraid to roar and cheer?

He said, what, you dummy,

You come lonely, walk solely and go only.

And I thought

I was funny, oh dear!


I rattled for longest yard,

Kept myself rooted just to become happy peer,

But they said, ah dumb dreamy,

You happened to be the part of the group ‘Dummy’.

And I thought

I was funny, oh Dear!


All the hums and bumps I saw

And I found the secret to overcome the fear,

You run along, face the reality,

Don’t care about people and nourish your mystery.

Now I think

I am funny, yes dear!

Oh Rupert, Get me out of here


Oh Rupert, Get me out of here!

A blood coloured brick wall

Where there were no windows to glance,

It felt like little marijuana mixed in the air

Which kept my mind hallucinating, in state of trance,

Those annoying whispers plugged into my ears,

Oh Rupert, Get me out of here!


The acidic rain just crawled down,

Burning all my charismatic character,

A solid giant mud pie were giving me company,

Grabbing me in to their heartless outlander,

To redeem my story back on the track I shouted

Oh Please Rupert, Get me out of here!


A lightening strikes few miles away with massive sound,

Almost annihilated all of the city,

A turbulent wave of wind started twisting around me,

Spreading fade vision to my eyes, oh Almighty!

Finally I, out of misery, cried out of my nerve

Rupert! Get me out of here…

Get me out of here…

Out of here…


And I opened my eyes,

In this sunny day, no one was around,

My utterly perplexed mind abbreviating emotion,

I started feeling dizzy by ‘silence’ sound,

Suddenly it comes to my head, asking like a favour,

Oh Rupert, put me back there!

Emotion Turned Orange


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Emotion Turned Orange

I knew this would come to my basket

But, will you sing this with me on a rhyme?

I happen to know the secret

So, will you spell my peculiar ‘S-M-I-L-E’?


I am kind of straight forward

So just simply answer it clear, why?

My busyness will be processor for success jar

Will you teach me how to amplify?


Back in the past,

When my black emotion turned blue

I seek for happiness inside

Where I found all flamboyant coloured friends, it’s true!


I raised my ‘rum-pum’ sense of music

And geared up my ‘rushed up’ leg on the floor

First they stared at me but later joined the party

That’s how an elegant tinker tale teller was born.


Eventually, I hugged the rainbow

Took out the tiny elusive brush, amen!

Paint my reason yellow

And dip my emotion in orange

Now, I, a busy man,

Full of drama,

Living a passionate life,

Never have time for trauma!

Paint The Emotion Black


Paint The Emotion Black

I don’t want to pry

But will you tell me the reason?

I have no money to buy

But will you sell me the emotion?


I kind of lost the connection

Will you help me to find out why?

My simplicity gives me complexion

Will you teach me how to comply?


Back in the past,

Suddenly, I was kicked from the friendship tree,

I kept on smiling to let them take me back

But they never had time to listen to my plea.


On the tip of musical chanter

My words got out of sync, ah sweet!

They judged the whole scenario dubiously,

Instantaneously started calling me creep.


Eventually, I leapt myself up

And searched for the magic colour,

I painted my reason blue

And mixed my emotion with black dropper.

Now, I, a simple man,

Out of eagerness,

Living a normal life

In the numbness.

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