Gulup Gulup Up

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Picture Credit: The surreal Dreamer Duality by Ragon Alvarez Fine Art America

Gulup Gulup (Bring Yourself) Up!

O dubious!

What’s with the strained forehead?

The power stars have agreed to your terms

No more totems, no more synecdoche.

The sky is your oyster,

Now, break the fences for the bigger trade!


A usual or unusual,

Conundrums will always have the tendency

To drop off-hand

You may fall

Or, you shall fall

But the measure of your courage must stand tall!


The grand Pluto is not your destination;

It’s beyond this galaxy,

Perhaps, to the other side of the universe!

So, you might need to reconsider

Your path of trajectory

O Dubious!

Do breathe

As the inevitable is bound to befall in your verse!

The 21st poem on the 23rd day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Don’t Stop (Color on the walls) by Foster the People.

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The Truth Teller

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Picture Credit: Pinterest

The Truth Teller

Her musing chatters

Are always the talk of the conversation.

She often openly

Explains the nature of society

But later, apologizes for telling the truth

To avoid defamation.

At first, it’s hard to digest those stories

That too coming from a woman

But later, my ears got used to her feminine voice

And my head starts nodding in admiration.

Believe me, I am not in love with this girl

In fact, my doubtful behaviour is not even close

To the first sign of love – Infatuation!


One day, my moody brain started mumbling

Asking me to go to a fancy restaurant.

The café was fantastic in its glossy ambience

With the romantic candle-lit set table, salient!

Ah, my mind couldn’t stop

The slideshow of her passionate-in-talk face

But the eyes quickly responded by spotting her,

Looked so silent!


I let the best out of my creep

And jumped right in front of her to say ‘Hi’

She looked at me for almost a minute

And said, “I am fine!”

Her uncomfortable senses are clearly visible

And the face emanated horrendous lines.

There was a clear distinction between these two girls

One was confidently true to herself

But the second was living in a fearful lie!

The 19th poem on the 20th day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Houdini by Foster the People.

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A Fateful Formula for Success

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Picture Credit: Speckyboy

A Fateful Formula for Success

All the front-liners

Of their game

I have an important task for you

Throw one penny into the ‘Well’.


You see

I am under a lot of stress

To nominate the best candidate

To make them a sole owner of their ‘Fate’

So, I built this

Grossly smelly and grotesquely deep ‘Well’.

All you have to do

Is hold on to your lucky penny

Which should have a silver scream of your faith

And the history of your troublesome life’s slate.

Then you ought to lay the coin in your hand,

Make a wish for which you’ve always fret

And throw it in this wishful ‘Well’


So, people!

What’s taking you so long?

Aren’t you fighting, mistreating, craving

And engraving your name in your dream as the century’s greatest?

Trust me

Your hardships, skills, knowledge,

Political biases, tricks & treats, religious (mal)practices,

The struggle of generations

And behavioural attitudes are all noted.

But this is the final round, my friend!

And your one choice can put you one step ahead

Spend this penny a little smartly

And leave your future to your fate!

Throw it,

Go back to sleep.

The morning sunshine will turn your life around,

Make you the king of this world for decades!

The sixteenth poem on the seventeenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. The poem lights on the desperate people who often look upon their fate to get successful.

The song of the day is Twist of Fate by Olivia Newton John, an early era of video album song.

What do you think about fate? Do you believe in it or you only trust your hardships? Tell me in the comment section. See you in the next post!

Righteous Sailor

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Picture Credit: The lonely Sailor

Righteous Sailor

He always has a craving for cashew-nuts

And often uses a sprinkle of water to refresh

Righteous Sailor

Has never been wrong about the direction

As he never left the vicinity of this river


Sailing high is one of his bad habits

Courageous some might spit

And watcher often shouts ‘splendid’

He, our Righteous Sailor,

Behind the gigantic motion of this illusive tide

Often hides all his past mistakes in the cry!

The fifteenth poem on the sixteenth day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge.

The song of the day is Wake Up by Jenny Owen Youngs. It’s a beautiful song.

If you have any thoughts, bring them on in the comment section.

I am Shivesh – Poet, Writer, Actor, Theatre Artist and Now also becoming, Filmmaker (amateur).

An Owl’s Story

Life is a delusion,
Full of indolent moments,
Smothering in the various narration
To learn an unbearable lesson;
But this owl, this tiny night owl
Knows it all,
Captures each of the dreamless crawl
To hit hard and stall;
Is it pointless
To be in this ignited situation
Waiting for the sky, cloudless,
To fly above and high, endless?

A Slice of Love or What?



A magic beyond any defined line,

Greater than the galaxy

Spread across the sky.

Dance, my love, like the moon;

Touche, for our earthly pride!

When you rejoice

I fall into the light,

But right after the beat,

You’ll have me on your sight.

Repetition seems to be our only common Jazz.

Are we still furious at the little slice of our life?

A tear dropped on a key of the piano.

Who knows who’s humming now,

You, me or fools like us staring at the infinite?

O Specialist! Universe’s Pissed


O Specialist! Universe’s Pissed

Look up in the sky

Tilt your head in the direction of clouds

Reign of the sun frowned upon stars

Broke into the environ to give the scars


Ring the bell, hit the drum roll

Let your happiness turn into darkness

O layman! O human!

While you die, celebrate the joy of Beethoven


You thought you were so clever

When you created the artificial rose

It hails your name around the world

The beauty, you described, frantically twirled


So dream out loud, let your tech-ego excel

While mugging the nature for development cry

O inhalers! O breathers!

Let your mortal body crush into the squeezers.