Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

Nightmare Of A Summer Painter
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Nightmare Of A Summer Painter!

He was afraid

The pitch was going to be drained

Where time became irrelevant,

Vision had lost its lifetime fuel,

Lyrics of the prime song became insignificant

Bounded by explicit or maybe, implicit rule


The summer painter wondered all night

Thinking about the winter road,

Discoloring the substantial amount of ride

Just to sleep in the dream store

What to catch, where to hide

Struggling with overflow of ideas at the universe core!

Let’s switch out

Let’s switch out

Hey, remember

I told you about the ‘switch out’

And you laughed, laughed like a devil

Until your tears out.


You had no idea

Why you were laughing

I could see it in your eyes

Which were frozen on me, crying!


And I smiled, smiled all those moments,

You took all my pain away,

Seized the opportunity to help me

And hugged me, held me for whole day


I never realized it would be this much better.

Honestly, I felt empty then

I could grip on anything,

Optimism whipped in and chuckled at me, oh well!


Wow! That was one crazy learning night,

We should do it regularly.

Hey, next time when you feel the pain,

Switch out with me, agree?