Mr. Red Pumpkin Is Sad

Mr Red Pumpkin Is Sad - 19

Musically challenged,

Still ferociously singing;

Isn’t this the greatest trait

Of our very own Mr. Red Pumpkin?


Maniacally harsh,

Still has the balanced number of friends;

Isn’t it obvious that

He mugged the life to find better ends?


A lousy vanilla biscuit,

He drops every night on the road.

Then wakes up every morning

To eat the disgusting scone;


Excitingly, ahead of every mystery,

He blabbers and walks slowly

Along the radius of his twinkling paradise

To render the sad perspective of being happy!


Keep saying to yourself

You lift the world on your shoulder,

But Mr. Pumpkin enlightened us that

Inside, you are just another depressive crier!

19th poem on the 19th day of NaPoWriMo 2016 challenge.

Are you also as crazy as Mr. Red Pumpkin then you must introspect. What do you think this human beahaviour? Tell in the comment section.

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Puzzle Box

Puzzle Box - 17.jpg

Hey Newbie,

Hide behind the world;

Puzzle box is coming

To ask you about

Your name,

Your place,

Your stand,

Your race,

Your type,

Your opinion,

Your goal,

Your vision,

Your achievement,

Your extraordinary mission,

Your day till night

And you, are you bright?


Hey stupid,

Still standing here on this turf;

Puzzle box is angry

For the words you shout,

I am weak;

I am hiding;

I can’t speak;

I am not running;

I am strange;

I don’t ask question;

I consider myself miserable

With no clear vision;

I mostly fail;

And hell with extraordinary mission;

My night till dawn,

On the struggling path, I yawn!


Hey Loser,

The secret key is there to swerve;

Puzzle box is happy,

You are its new maze, scout!

This is 17th entry of NaPoWriMo Challenge on Day 17th!

Do you know who’s Puzzle Box? Are you still trying to answer all the question? Tell in the comment section.

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The Misspelled IdentIty

The Misspelled Identity - 13
Pic Credit: Deviant Art

The Misspelled IdentIty

9 out of 10 times

I disguised as a vengeful character

With the traits

Of hurting and delusional traitor;


Looking at the larger sky,

I wonder what stars would be thinking,

Giving the signs of unbreakable struggle

Or push my blind curves onto deleted reeling;


Often I conceive such ideas

As nasty bump-kicking blaster,

But for the better or worse,

I sulk in the misery of tied-up power;


So all the shines of my pride,

I don’t care what you say;

My lackluster imbalanced life

Would take me to the briskish day!

13th Entry of NaPoWriMo 30-Day Poetry Challenge.

Little unusual but could you relate to it? What is your thought about this? Tell me in comment section below.

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How Maniac Is Your Brain!

How Maniac Is Your Brain - 11
Pic Credit: Naoto Hattori

“Tip, A Drop, the sound

Yurekaaaaa, did you hear that?”

Knock knock,

Are you there, yet?


Oh please Ear, stop interrupting;

I am working on adding videos from subconscious,

But to satisfy your curiosity, yes, it was water

Now, can I be any more serious?


Oh human body, boasting my many of qualities,

I may misguide your life on various occasions;

But believe me, I am as busy as hundred robots

To feed more info, to push limits, to find answers!


Oh of course, you take a nap

And assume that I let go as you sleep,

But to break the reality onto you,

At that time, I push your imagination to highest steep!


Well, I don’t think you will understand this

For future reference, I will save this lecture;

Now, let me get back to work

So you can do routine task as per my order!

This is 11th poem on the 11th day of NaPoWriMo Challenge.

We all need to realize that our brain has to alter and work on so many tasks at the same time. How powerful it is! What is your opinion on this? Tell in the comment section.

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The Supermarket News

The Supermarket News

It was the highlight of the crime time

Broadcasted all over the news

Misplaced lie and terrible fantasy

Are all they had in their ruins


But this spicy story

Heightened their reputation in the market

Breaking all the historical record

With repetitive experts’ reviews and target


“Human, human, human

Who would always be true to demanded character

Could be charming and obedient

Buy with up to 50 percent sale and cash back offer”

The 10th poem of this month for NaPoWriMo challenge. Do you think it’s reality of today’s world? Tell me on a comment section.

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God’s Conspired Theory

Gods Conspired Theory

God’s Conspired Theory

It lives in a door of hesitancy,

Too proud to expose curiosity,

Vision chases the Ostrich run,

Swings for the taste of Raspberry;


The monotonous way doesn’t entertain,

It believes in breaking patterns rather than being in strain,

Always looks for the twinkling chuckle of mockingbird

And laughs when it rains;


Do we understand what we are talking?

Is it you or me?

God once created the one,

We molded into pieces and made the philosophy.


See, told you

There is a conspired theory behind it!

 National Poetry Writing Month

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