Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to Fall In Love Again

Where Are You, Now?

Waiting to see the moon turning blue again

Waiting to pick the flower with the fragrance of moon

Waiting to hear your favourite tune on guitar for the flowery hours

Waiting to fixate my eyes on phone while breaking the guitar

Waiting to go in the rain while dropping tears over the phone

Waiting to live in the moon again after the rain

Where are you, now?

Accomplished, Yet Incomplete

Accomplish Yet Incomplete

Accomplished, Yet Incomplete

Flames and Rage

Were all around,

Exhausted and sickening dream

Among these, I heard a sound;


A sound

For getting the right thing at the right time

A sound

For the wishful plant which begins to rise

A sound

That berates you and motivates you to shine

A sound

That whispers in your ear and keeps you alive;


Yes I heard a sound

When the cracking road flicks me away

I heard a sound

When a beggar asks to throw the coin on his tray

I heard a sound

When she said ‘Congratulations for this day’

I heard a sound

When one said ‘this is not much enough to pay’


Anger and fire

Are still inside me,

Plausibility and possibility

Among these, I run again to be free.

National Poetry Writing Month

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One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

One Sip of Coffee

Often I amuse myself

By thinking of an idea of having her;

Hundred days of so called ‘true love’

And you just trapped yourself in nowhere.


Optimism, hope and belief are so tricky words

Just to make you feel better;

Two more tea-spoons of sugar

And your coffee tastes bitter;


Hey, don’t you judge me fellas!

I am the same you but out of this phony train;

Just one drop of smile

And I bet I will fall in love again.

National Poetry Writing Month

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See you in the moon

See you in the moon

It’s extremely hard to explain

From inside what exactly is killing me?

Is it the high expectation song

Which I am imposing on me,


Or is it the moment you said

You are leaving?

Although, I do not see any difference

Which gives me nothing but memoirs, ah amused!


By breaking the bridge of possibilities

In all mixup thoughts, I know somehow I’ll get through.

Don’t have to be cautious about losing you

You go ahead; I’ll see you in the moon!