Will You be My Girl?

Will You be My Girl

Day 19

Will You be My Girl?

Tell me you’re worried

And I’ll be there;

Your tension, your hyper behavior

Everything I’ll share;


Broke your guitar string

And I’ll be your tuner;

Your emotion, your trumpet-sense of music

Trust me, I’ll be your player;


The chocolate you gave me once,

I moved here and there like a dancer;

Your smile, your lifecycle stair

I’ll hold those hands forever;


If you left me without giving any reason,

I’ll hold your bag of inexplicable tear;

Your memory, your dream, your wish

I’ll put it all in my heart and be a protector;


Baby, if I kiss your soul

Don’t give those cold stare;

My life is yours

So, don’t roam around, I’ll be a perfect lover!

National Poetry Writing Month

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A Letter to Confess!

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A Letter to Confess!

Wouldn’t it be good

If I look at you all day, keep my pain aside,

Wouldn’t it be great

If you keep talking all day with your felicitous smile,


Wouldn’t it be fair

If I am nowhere around and you feel my presence,

Wouldn’t it be pleasant

If you hold my hand and break the awkward silence


Oh honey, I remember those cupcakes

Which you saved it for day just because I love it

Looking for me all over, keep texting me like crazy

Just because you heard I was hit by something.


Those non-posted secret letters with you

Where everything is written but my name,

You were tired of restless work whole week

But still chat with me for hours and talk about rain.


Oh honey! I heard you

When you said you love me,

I heard you

When you said you have nothing but me,

I read you

When you said you will be ok without me.


Oh honey! I might be stupid

But not so stupid to leave you behind,

I might be confused about the future

But not so confused to say

‘I love you more than my life’!

One bite of chocolate


One bite of chocolate

In the late night,

Nothing to excite about,

Your visionary imagination

Will tire up and go out,

Finally you will feel sleepy

But never want to just fell out,

Instead you will try to kill time

And wait for a rout.


Suddenly, a bizarre thought will pop up in your head;

How about a bite of chocolate!

Brown little piece of sweet milk,

Mixed with Cocoa beans, oh great!

Then you close your eyes and bite a small piece,

Emotions of souvenir will hop into your mind with taste

You could able to see all your failures and fears,

Capabilities and your current state!


Complexity of journey of life is much higher,

Absolute ordinance could be prior,

You keep on running,

You have to roll on the roller,

Sometimes you feel intense and agitated,

Helpless and chaos all over,

At this moment only,

Just One bite of chocolate will retain your composure!