For the Hindsight of Love

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For the Hindsight of Love

I had a huge crush on this girl,

I still have.

She lived far away from me.

Not that chatty or a typical girl.

Has a background so normal

Not so perfect, not so lame!

She liked the sports

Especially, running, trekking

And, sometimes, photography for a change.

She tries, fails, likes a boy,

Thinks, over-thinks, looks for a joy;

Could we get any more info on her?

Well, she is not exactly private kind of person,

But often, sips her coffee in private.

Okay, you caught me;

She, sometimes, is lazy in following rules and regulation.

So modest to acknowledge

That she knows enough about her field.

But she is trying to indulge in the conversation,

Makes a way to a stranger like me

To, maybe, get into her heart.

No, she is not that difficult to talk to

It was the circumstances which were difficult.

And then

Going through the forcible talk was unbearable

And became a burden;

She broke it.

She broke it!

She broke it so hard

That I lost myself in oblivion.

I couldn’t handle even the snippets of that chapter

Which ran for almost one and a half year.

I found out later

That she never exactly left.

She was always there

With an upfront apology,

Open to communication.

Instead, it was me

Who turned the back on her!

We cleared the slate

And the drums start rolling again

The universe has no way to concur

On our relationship.

Perhaps, there was no plan.

Perhaps, I only have to make a design of this something-ship

With the help of her complying stance.

Now, geographically, our distance becomes shorter

But there is a long path I need to cover.

Fret not, my dear reader!

I am writing a story,

Page by page,

Chapter by chapter,

Coincidences, incidents and verses.

She’s already my muse.

Let her character be alive,

Correct my way of knitting this journey.

And, one day, she eventually would turn to me

And narrate

“I had a huge crush on this boy.”

“I still have.”

Read my 27th poem on the final day of National Poetry Writing Month 2018 challenge.

Take a look at all 27 poems of this year’s Poetry Month challenge here.

If you have any idea, thoughts, suggestions or stories, please share it with me in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and reply.

It’s been a wonderful month and I must thank all of you who’ve joined me here. Have a great year ahead and of course, I will be writing more.

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