Naughty Nervousness

Naughty Nervousness

Aren’t you a little whimsical?

Suddenly, bursting out laughing at your line?

The line which may seem perfectly normal

But you know the internal joke you’ve been ‘cooking’!


At least, this time, your head was still,

Looking right into the lenses,

Your eyes were conversing with the audience (me)

And not giving away all the expressions!


The funny thing is that I sometimes do the same,

Pointed out by my brother.

It’s really hard to control the excitement

Whether I am in a play or in a corporate structure!


Now, The-Big-Face-Covering-The-Entire-Frame,

Or should I say “The Frivolous Lady”?

Your voluptuous voice can make a big difference

Hope that you can speak your heart out daily or weekly!

The 18th poem on the 19th day in the series of NaPoWriMo 2018 challenge. This poem is a direct reply (wishes) someone’s new endeavour!

The song of the day is Us sang by Regina Spektor in the album Soviet Kitsch.

If you have any thoughts regarding ‘this poem’ please ask, say or argue with me in the comment section!


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