The Mundane Tale of Summer

The Mundane Tale of Summer

One day, a giant amphibian,
At the door of the diabolic mountain,
Felt thirsty and hungry in the Western Ghats
While exploring the dense forest terrain.


It waited and prayed for the rains for years,
Crawling over every leaf, strolling at the edge of the slope.
The jungle has started drying, becoming brown,
So, it ran to the city with a hope.


After days of struggle, it realises
That a human had what it had desired
So, it offered its lifetime services
For a few drops of its life.

This is Seventh Poetry of NaPoWriMo 2018. This poem was written in the last 15 minutes of the day; hence, a straightforward poem with no metaphorical hints.

Please read it with some of your favourite amphibians in your mind. If you have something to say please write me in the comment section.

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