The Man Who Loved Smoking

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Pic credit: Carl Rolfe Visual Artist

The Man Who Loved Smoking



As he briskly shut his eyes

For the last time,

He offered everyone around

A piece of cancer named ‘Light’.


No… no, no

He didn’t die

Due to the excessive smoking.

In fact,

He was on the brink of breaking a record

Of finishing the highest numbers of cigarettes in a day

It was the ‘anxiety-disorder enabled’ cardiac arrest

Which took his life

For good, least to say.

Probably, the amount of smoke-ashes stored in his lung

Might have something to do with his death.

But the lesser we know,

It was his miscalculation in a relationship

And the compatibility issue with his business

That gave him the fear of losing everything.

You see,

There was a slight misplacement

Of two words he did during his tenure.

That means

He often craved for love

From his high-profile clients

And always expected his girlfriend

To deliver the right thing at the right time!


But with cigarettes,

He was completely a different man.

After waking up,

While sitting on the commode,

After washing his face,

At breakfast table,

When leaving to work,

Four times a day in the smoking zone,

When furious with his employees,

Can’t miss it in the delight,

To accompany the alcohol and booze,

During the doodle time with his kids,


He… didn’t have any kids.

To avoid obsessive thoughts,

In the depression,

After the futile argument,

Just before the dinner time,

And the last cigarette (of the day) for a sound sleep

Oh, there is one after midnight

When he can’t sleep!

It was hard to distinguish him from cigarette

But the one thing

They both did believe wholeheartedly,

“Smoking is injurious to health”

This is the second poem in the series of this year’s NaPoWriMo challenge. This will be my first slam poetry. It will sound good when I perform it. So, get ready for a YouTube video which I soon to be posting here.

Today’s song is Smokey Joe’s La La. Listen to it for a good 3 minutes.

Please read this poem without a blink and a thought. Feel free to comment, like and share.

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